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The Challenge of the Persian Empire 492-479
Who was artaphernes,
When was the ionian revolt,
What reforms did artaphernes put ...
69  cards
Greece in Conflict, 479-446 BC
Who is the main source for the pe...,
What were the key principles of t...,
What building programmes did them...
44  cards
Peace and Conflict, 446-431 BC
What agreement was made between t...,
What were the terms of this peace...,
What did the treaty define
33  cards
The Archidamian War, 431 - 420 BC
What was archidamus ii stated pol...,
What was spartan strategy,
What prevented annual invasions i...
58  cards
The End of the Peloponnesian War and its Aftermath, 419 - 404 BC
Why were corinth and the other pe...,
What did corinth do as a result o...,
Why did argos feel a war with spa...
61  cards
Education and Values in Sparta
What was the purpose of the agoge,
When did the agoge system begin i...,
When did boys live till the age o...
20  cards
The Social Structure of Sparta
To be a spartiate what did both o...,
What would spartiates have to con...,
What would spartiates not have to do
22  cards
The Politics and Society of Sparta
How many royal families did spart...,
How does aristotle describe the r...,
What were spartans forbade to do ...
24  cards
The Spartan Military Culture and its Importance in the Society and Politics of Sparta
How was the army split at the sta...,
Who were the skiritai,
What other regiments were in the ...
8  cards
Other States' views of Sparta and the Effect of the Spartan System on its Policy
0  cards

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