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What has been the main microscope...,
How many times does a light micro...,
How many times does an electron m...
34  cards
cell theory
What is the basic theory of cell ...,
By who was the term cell theory f...,
What are the basic principles of ...
3  cards
eukaryotic cells and their structures
Give examples of eukaryotic cells,
Give examples of prokaryotes,
What is the shape of eukaryotic c...
144  cards
prokaryotic cells and their structures
What are bacteria in terms of cells,
What are bacteria in terms of cells,
What eukaryotic structures do pro...
73  cards
eukaryotic cell division and cycles
What are the main features of chr...,
What are the main features of chr...,
What does bivalent mean
53  cards
What do enzymes do,
How can reactions be sped up,
Give a way that reactions can be ...
55  cards
water and carbohydrates
What is water in terms of transpo...,
What does a polar molecule have a...,
What is the separation of charge ...
69  cards
What is present in the cytoplasm ...,
What may a hydroxyl group of glyc...,
What are lipids used for
49  cards
sexual reproduction (system)
What is sexual reproduction,
What happens when two diploid cel...,
What are gonads
147  cards
osmosis and transport
When is the term water potential ...,
What is water potential a measure of,
What does the presence of dissolv...
74  cards
Draw the general structure of an ...,
What is the general formula of an...,
What does the r group determine
68  cards
What is a nucleotide,
What is adenoisine triphosphate,
What is a molecule incell
175  cards
gas exchange
Where does gas exchange occur,
What is respiration,
What is gas exchange
144  cards
circulatory system
What is mass transport,
What substances move inside the h...,
Why can we not absorb substances ...
76  cards
blood cells
What is the role of haemoglobin,
Which organisms can haemoglobin b...,
What is the haemoglobin structure
107  cards
tissue fluid and lymph
What is tissue fluid responsible for,
Where is tissue fluid situated,
What is the function of tissue fluid
39  cards
the heart
Where is the heart found,
What is the pericardium,
What do the valves of the heart p...
118  cards
plant transportation
What is an angiosperm,
Look at a dicot stem structure an...,
What are vascular bundles made of
136  cards
What is a species morphological s...,
What is the ecological species model,
What is the mate recognition spec...
111  cards
What is species richness,
How does a scientists measure spe...
77  cards
natural selection
What is a niche,
What is an adaptation,
What are the different types of a...
80  cards
chemical control
What is homeostasis,
What is negative feedback,
What are the processes which occu...
146  cards
nervous system
What are the two types of the ner...,
What is the brain s role in the cns,
What is the spinal cord s role in...
73  cards
Where does the light dependant st...,
What are the two main functions o...,
What is a photon
57  cards
respiration and ATP
What is atp,
What is atp made up of,
Is atp water soluble
11  cards
genetic information
Describe a mutation,
Depending on the type of mutation...,
Which structure can a mutation af...
59  cards
cellular respiration
Describe the process of glycolysis,
Describe the process of the link ...,
Describe the process of the krebs...
7  cards
What does an ecosystem include,
What are trophic levels,
Define a habitat
43  cards
bacteria and disease
What do aseptic techniques prevent,
What does contamination affect,
Give the usual aseptic technique ...
77  cards
gene sequencing
Define genome,
What are exons,
What are introns
44  cards
gene expression
Define cell diffrentiation,
How can scientists measure the le...,
Which in cell structures are the ...
65  cards
nervous transmission
What are the three types of neurones,
What is the function of motor neu...,
What is the function of sensory n...
60  cards
non-bacterial pathogens
How does a virus specifically tar...,
Are viruses active or dormant onc...,
Does influenzahave a short or lon...
65  cards
mammal's detection of light
What is light detection relied on,
Give the two types of photoreceptors,
What are rods needed for
87  cards
response to infection
Describe what natural immunity is,
When are memory cells developed,
How is natural immunity passed fr...
96  cards
gene technology
What is genetic engineering genet...,
What is recombinant dna,
What is reverse transcriptase
44  cards
Which tissue is the heart made up of,
Is the heart dependant on externa...,
Where is the san located
89  cards
efficiency of ecosystems
Describe the level of the food ch...,
Describe the level of the food ch...,
Describe the level of the food ch...
60  cards
nature of ecosystems
What is an ecosystem,
What is a habitat,
What is a microhabitat
39  cards

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