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a level biology ocr a

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2 - Basic components of living systems
What is a microscope,
What do microscopes allow us to d...,
When was the light microscope dev...
130  cards
3 - Biological Molecules
Generates atp via chemiosmosis,
Why is ice less dense than liquid...,
What is an advantage to living or...
201  cards
4 - Enzymes
What is metabolism,
What is an anabolic reaction,
What is a catabolic reaction
57  cards
5- Plasma membranes
What type of lipid forms a bilaye...,
How are phospholipids arranged in...,
What is the function of the phosp...
80  cards
6 - Cell Division
How many pairs of chromosomes doe...,
What does a gene do,
For what 3 reasons does mitosis o...
141  cards
7 - Exchange Surfaces
Why can t fish breathe in and out...,
Do prokaryotes need specialised e...,
Why do larger eukaryotic organism...
73  cards
8 - Transport in Animals
What is the name of the valve bet...,
What are 5 reasons that the circu...,
Which type of circulatory system ...
116  cards
9 - Transport in Plants
What is a cotyledon,
What is the difference between a ...,
What is an arborescent plant
107  cards
10 - Classification and Evolution
What is the order of classificati...,
What is the name of the groups of...,
What were the traditional 5 kingdoms
87  cards
11 - Biodiversity
What is species richness,
What is species evenness,
What is a community
98  cards
12 - Communicable Diseases
What parts of the plant does ring...,
What causes a communicable disease,
What are the 4 main types of path...
304  cards
13 - Neural Communication
What is a stimulus,
What is a sensory receptor,
What are the two main features of...
214  cards
14 - Hormonal Communication
What are hormones,
What are endocrine glands,
What are 8 examples of endocrine ...
105  cards
15 - Homeostasis
What is homeostasis,
How effectors and receptors respo...,
Difference between pos and neg fe...
139  cards
16 - Plant Responses
What is a tropism,
What is an abiotic stress,
What is a biotic stress
74  cards
17 - Photosynthesis
What are the 3 photopigments foun...,
Which of the 3 photopigments foun...,
What colour are chlorophyll a chl...
48  cards
18 - Respiration
What are the 4 stages of aerobic ...,
What is the primary substrate use...,
What are the 3 coenzymes used in ...
70  cards
19 - Genetics of living systems
What is a mutation,
What are the 3 types of mutation,
What is a substitution mutation
124  cards
20 - Patterns of Inheritance and Variation
How is closeness of two linked ge...,
What is a karyotype,
What is a phenotype
121  cards
21 - Manipulating Genomes
What type of people have identica...,
What makes up an organism s genome,
What is an exon
141  cards
22 - Cloning and Biotechnology
Which type of reproduction is a t...,
What is cloning,
What is vegetative propagation al...
148  cards
23 - Ecosystems
What is ecology,
What is a producer,
What is a habitat
130  cards
24 - Population and Sustainability
What are 4 examples of environmen...,
What is a population,
What is interspecific competition
129  cards

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