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Key Terms
Top down problem solving,
Computational thinking
4  cards
1.1.1 Structure Of The Processor
Control unit,
21  cards
1.1.2 Types Of Processor
Gpu graphics processing unit
5  cards
1.1.3 Input, Output And Storage
Input device,
Output device,
Storage device
9  cards
1.2.1 Operating Systems
Operating system,
Memory management,
22  cards
1.2.2 Application Generation
Open source
17  cards
1.2.3 Software Development
Systems development life cycle,
Waterfall model,
Agile methodologies
6  cards
1.2.4 Types Of Programming Language
Programming paradigm,
Procedural language,
Assembly language
21  cards
1.3.1 Compression, Encryption And Hashing
Lossy compression,
Lossless compression,
Length encoding
7  cards
1.3.2 Databases
Flat file database,
Relational database
25  cards
1.3.3 Networks
Network protocol,
Protocol layering
17  cards
1.3.4 Web Technologies
Html hypertext markup language,
Css cascading style sheets,
7  cards
1.4.1 Data Types
Primitive data types,
Real float
15  cards
1.4.2 Data Structures
2  cards
1.4.3 Boolean Algebra
Boolean logic,
Not gate,
And gate
18  cards
1.5.1 Computing Related Legislation
Data protection act 1998,
The computer misuse act 1990,
The copyright design and patents ...
4  cards
2.1 Computational Thinking
Computational thinking,
Representational abstraction
2  cards
2.2.1 Programming Techniques
0  cards
2.2.2 Computational Methods
0  cards
2.3 Algorithms
0  cards

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