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Streetcar Named Desire - Quotations
He ___ to the small ___ radio and...,
Yelling sit down aw for god s sak...
78  cards
The Great Gatsby - Quotations
Less fashionable of the two,
The one on my right was a colossa...
12  cards
Othello - Quotations
My ___ my ___ and my ___ soul sha...,
___ othello,
I love the ___ desdemona i would ...
71  cards
WWTBGN - Quotations
Critical quotation your ___ detec...,
A gold breitling he liked male pa...,
How ___ would it take for the ___...
67  cards
Paper 3: Macbeth Quotations
O ___ cousin worthy ___ o ___ cou...,
So ___ and fair a ___ i have not ___,
___ stars ___ your fires ___ let ...
27  cards
Paper 3: Lady Macbeth Quotations
Soliloquy i ___ thy ___ it is too...,
Soliloquy i may pour my spirits i...,
___ come you spirits that tend on...
20  cards
Paper 3: The Witches Quotations
Setting a desolate place thunder ...,
Setting a desolate place thunder ...,
Setting a heath and thunder banqu...
12  cards
Paper 3: Banquo Quotations
Banquo warns macbeth that the wit...,
Asking god to drive away dark tho...,
I dreamed last night of the three...
7  cards
Paper 3: Macduff
When is the audience introduced t...,
Explain the significance of macdu...,
The heavens as troubled with man ...
9  cards
Paper 3: Macbeth
Identify and explain macbeths vio...,
Explain what blood symbolises wit...,
Explain what the weather symbolis...
21  cards
Paper 2: The Great Gatsby - form, structure & language
Explain the significance of the c...,
Explain the significance of the c...,
Explain the significance of the c...
3  cards
The Great Gatsby - Context
Identify when the great gatsby wa...,
Identify what the 1920 s were ref...,
Why was the 1920s referred to as ...
5  cards

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