a level english literature - othello

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Act 1, Scene 1
A1 s1 roderigo tush never tell me...,
A1 s1 iago sblood but you will no...,
A1 s1 roderigo thou toldst me tho...
17  cards
Act 1, Scene 2
A1 s2 iago though in the trade of...,
A1 s2 othello tis better as it is,
A1 s2 iago nay but he prated and ...
17  cards
Act 1, Scene 3
A1 s3 duke valiant othello,
A1 s3 brabantio take hold on me f...,
A1 s3 brabantio my daughter o my ...
26  cards
Scene by Scene Plot Summary (brief)
Act 1 scene 1,
Act 1 scene 2,
Act 1 scene 3
10  cards
Act 2, Scene 1
A2 s1 3rd gentleman but this same...,
A2 s1 cassio he hath achieved a m...,
A2 s1 cassio let it not gall your...
21  cards
Act 2, Scene 2
A2 s2
1  cards
Act 2, Scene 3
A2 s3 othello good michael,
A2 s3 iago he hath not yet made w...,
A2 s3 cassio shes a most exquisit...
17  cards
Act 3, Scene 1
A3 s1 clown o thereby hangs a tale,
A3 s1 cassio i never knew a flore...
2  cards
Act 3, Scene 2
A3 s2
1  cards
Act 3, Scene 3
A3 s3 emilia i warrant it grieves...,
A3 s3 cassio whatever shall becom...,
A3 s3 desdemona if i do vow a fri...
46  cards
Act 3, Scene 4
A3 s4 desdemona and but my noble ...,
A3 s4 othello to lose or givet aw...,
A3 s4 emilia is not this man jealous
5  cards
Act 4, Scene 1
A4 s1 iago with her on her what y...,
A4 s1 othello handkerchief confes...,
A4 s1 othello falls in a trance
13  cards
Act 4, Scene 2
A4 s2 emilia i durst my lord to w...,
A4 s2 othello she says enough yet...,
A4 s2 othello had it pleased heav...
18  cards
Act 4, Scene 3
A4 s3 desdemona my mother had a m...,
A4 s3 desdemona she had a song of...,
A4 s3 desdemona o these me these ...
7  cards
Act 5, Scene 1
A5 s1 cassio i am maimed for ever...,
A5 s1 iago alas my friend and my ...
2  cards
Act 5, Scene 2
A5 s2 othello yet ill not shed he...,
A5 s2 othello yet she must die el...,
A5 s2 othello put out the light a...
27  cards

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a level english literature - othello

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