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Alexander II - 1855-1881
The russian empire wasthe size of...,
Give some different nainaloties t...,
1850 russias cotton weaving indus...
48  cards
Alexander III (1881-1894)
How did edward crankshaw characte...,
What factors inhibited opposition...,
Give two examples of radical oppo...
40  cards
Nicholas II (1894-1904)
Did nicholas ii have a unified po...,
Give an example of contradictory ...,
What did pobedonostev call plans ...
63  cards
Nicholas II (1905-1917)
When was the stpetersburg workmen...,
What was the october manifesto,
What was the reaction to the octo...
39  cards
Nicholas II Part Two (1905-1914)
How much peasant opposition was t...,
Give the few examples of successf...,
How was worker opposition limited
28  cards
February Revolution
What sparked the revolution,
What three themes could you use a...,
What did trotsky state about war
34  cards
Bolshevik Takeover
Which groups dominated the leader...,
Who supported the petrograd sovie...,
How was the soviets committee ele...
45  cards
Bolshevik Rule
What dilemma faced lenin with reg...,
What did germany demand in peace ...,
How were the bolsheviks split abo...
46  cards
Give 5 ways n which the civil war...,
How did the civil war contribute ...,
How did the civil war contribute ...
16  cards
Give a piece of evidence that sug...,
Give 4 facts that demonstrate how...,
Give 4 facts that demonstrate how...
59  cards
1928-41 Part Two
Why was religion persecuted by st...,
Give examples of lenins persecuti...,
Give examples of stalins persecut...
28  cards
Great Patriotic War
Give some strengths of the politi...,
Give some weaknesses of the polit...,
Give some strengths of the econom...
18  cards

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