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Trigonometry (1)
Convert degrees to radians,
Divide by 180 multiply by pi,
Convert radians to degrees
21  cards
Trigonometry (2)
Find area of any triangle,
Area 1 2 ab sinc,
When to use sine rule
24  cards
Trigonometry (3)
What is cosec pheta,
1 sin pheta,
What is sec pheta
21  cards
Trigonometry (4)
What is sin a b,
Sinacosb cosasinb,
What is cos a b
22  cards
Algebra and Functions (1)
A m a n is equivalent to,
A m n,
A m a n is equivalent to
28  cards
Algebra and Functions (2)
How to calculate a b a b,
A 2 b 2,
How to factorise 3x 2 4x 15
22  cards
Algebra and Functions (3)
When does the inequality sign change,
Multiplying dividing by a negative,
Bottom left to top right cubic graph
20  cards
Algebra and Functions (4)
What is the domain,
What is the domain,
What is the range
17  cards
Coordinate Geometry (1)
The equations of a line,
Y y1 m x x1 y mx cax by c 0,
The easiest way to find the gradi...
22  cards
Exponentials and Logs (1)
Log_ab c is equivalent to,
A c b,
Log_aa equivalent to
20  cards
Differentiation (1)
Differentiation of x 2,
Differentiation of x 2
18  cards
Differentiation (2)
Dy dx when y f u and u g x,
Dy du du dx,
Dy dx for x f y
18  cards
Differentiation (3)
What is dy dx cosec x,
Cosec x cot x,
What is dy dx sec x
18  cards
Integration (1)
What is x 3 dx,
X 4 4 c,
What is x 3 dx
20  cards
Integration (2)
What is f x f x dx,
Lnf x c,
What is sinx dx
20  cards
Integration (3)
What is cotx dx,
Lnsinx c,
What is cosecx dx
21  cards
Vectors (1)
What is a b equivalent to,
B a,
What is vector a
17  cards
Vectors (2)
How is the magnitude of vector a ...,
What is the unit vector
14  cards
Numerical Methods (1)
What if f x changes sign,
I know it has passed through a root,
How to show a root lies in the in...
14  cards
Probability (1)
What is p event,
Number of outcomes where event ha...,
How to find p a union b
17  cards
Statistical Distributions (1)
What does uppercase x represent,
Name of the variable,
What does a random variable not have
20  cards
Statistical Distributions (2)
How to answer how many ways can o...,
How to answer how many different ...
16  cards
Kinematics (1)
What is s in suvat,
Displacement in metres,
What is u in suvat
20  cards
Kinematics (2)
Height in displacement time graph...,
Gradient in displacement time gra...
18  cards
Force and Newton's Laws (1)
What is weight w,
Mass gravityalways acts downwards,
What is the normal reaction r n
20  cards
Sequence and Series (1)
How to find the nth term a numeri...,
U_n a n 1 d,
Arithmetic sequence sum when last...
20  cards
SI Units
What unit is length in,
What unit is time in
22  cards
Kinematics (3)
What is position,
How far an object is from the origin,
What is displacement
20  cards
Kinematics (4)
Equation for acceleration in proj...,
0i 98j,
Equation for velocity in projectiles
12  cards
Find equilibrium of a rigid body,
Total moment about any point is z...,
6  cards
Locating Roots (1)
Rules for the change of sign method,
If there is a change of sign and ...,
Trigonometry and calculus
10  cards
Sampling (1)
Survey everyone in the population...,
14  cards
Sampling (2)
Simple random sampling,
Generate 100 random numbers selec...,
Systematic sampling
15  cards
Data (1)
Find the lower boundary for outliers,
Lq 15 iqr,
Find the upper boundary for outliers
21  cards
Data (2)
The x axis in a scatter graph,
Independent variable,
The y axis in a scatter graph
21  cards
Data (3)
A smaller sd,
Means data is more consistent,
What is the sample standard devia...
12  cards
Probability (1)
Equation for p aub,
P aub p a p b p anb,
What if a and b are independent v...
19  cards
DRV (1)
Discrete values,
Takes on specific values,
What must p x x equal
4  cards
Binomial Distribution
Binomial distribution notation,
X b n p n trialsp probability of ...,
Formula for binomial distribution
26  cards
Normal Distribution (1)
Formula for normal distribution,
Z x,
Given x n 80 4 2 find p x 75
21  cards
Hypothesis Testing (1)
What does h_0 represent,
Null hypothesis,
What does h_1 represent
17  cards
Hypothesis Testing (2)
Equation for distribution of samp...,
X n 2 n,
Equation for standard error
5  cards
Areas of 2D and 3D Shapes
X r 2,
28  cards
Volume of Shapes
R 2 h,
14  cards
Sequence and Series (2)
First three terms are k 4 k and 2...,
K k 4 2k 15 kk 2 2k 2 8k 15k 60k ...,
20  cards
Differentiating trig functions
Sin x,
Cos x,
Cos x
12  cards
Integrating trig functions
Sin x dx,
Cos x c,
Cos x dx
20  cards
Trigonometry (5)
Endpoints for arcsine,
1 pi 2 and 1 pi 2,
Endpoints for arccosine
20  cards
Exponentials and Logs (2)
Use logarithms to solve log_2x 5,
Use logarithms to solve 7 x 55,
Reducing y ax n to linear form
8  cards
Locating Roots (2)
The graph of the function f x 2xe...,
The graph of the function f x 2xe...,
G x cosecx 2show that x 05 is an ...
20  cards
Differentiation (4)
Find the gradient of the curve y ...,
The curve c is given by the equat...,
The curve c is given by the equat...
20  cards
Differentiation (5)
A steam train travels between a a...,
A steam train travels between a a...,
A steam train travels between a a...
19  cards
Differentiation (6)
Find the gradient of the tangent ...,
Find the equation of the normal t...,
Find dy dx for y sin 3 2x 2 simpl...
13  cards
Integration (4)
25 20x 1 2 4x,
25x 40 3 x 3 2 2x 2 c,
Curve c has the derivative f x x ...
20  cards
Integration (5)
Use the substitution u x 2 2 to f...,
Use the substitution u tan x to f...,
Find the value of 2 1 8 x lnx 2 3...
10  cards
Vectors (3)
The points w x and y have positio...,
The points w x and y have positio...,
The following sketch shows a tria...
8  cards
Data (4)
In a supermarket two types of cho...,
In a supermarket two types of cho...,
In a supermarket two types of cho...
14  cards
Correlation (1)
What is interpolation,
Use values of x within the data r...,
What is extrapolation
11  cards
Statistical Distributions (1)
The probability function for the ...,
The random variable x follows the...,
Apples are stored in crates of 40...
17  cards
Hypothesis Testing (3)
One of the history teachers at a ...,
One of the history teachers at a ...,
A film club has 250 members 98 of...
7  cards
Kinematics (5)
A window cleaner of a block of fl...,
A window cleaner of a block of fl...,
A rocket is projected vertically ...
19  cards
Forces (2)
A car is modelled as a particle t...,
A force of magnitude 7 n acts on ...,
A force of magnitude 7 n acts on ...
19  cards
Forces (3)
Two particles p and q of masses 1...,
Two particles p and q of masses 1...,
A box of mass 4kg rests on a roug...
6  cards
Moments (2)
A non uniform rod ab is freely hi...,
A non uniform rod ab is freely hi...,
A uniform rod of mass mkg rests i...
8  cards
Integration (6)
What to do if integration is a st...,
What to think of when manipulatin...,
When can i use the reverse chain ...
14  cards
Trigonometry (6)
14  cards

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