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Media Terms glossary
Roland barthes,
Preferred reading,
Oppositional reading
166  cards
C2 Adbusters
0  cards
C2 Woman
0  cards
C2 The Returned
What are common conventions of th...,
What emmy did the returned win in...,
As well as the zombie genre what ...
28  cards
C2 Humans
Are the synths represented equall...,
As well as sci fi what other sub ...,
Baudrillardhow is humans set in a...
76  cards
C2 Zoella
Audiencewhat is parasocial intera...,
Audiencezoella audience profilewh...,
Audiencezoella audience profilewh...
33  cards
C2 Attitude
Attitude social media,
Attitude facebook,
Attitude instagram
12  cards
Year 12 Theorists
Media language roland barthes sem...,
Media language tzvetan todorov na...,
Media language steve neale genre ...
21  cards
Tide origin,
Who was the set advert made by,
What character did tide create
29  cards
Kiss Of A Vampire
Who produced kiss of a vampire,
Who distributed koav,
Sequel to
19  cards
Water Aid
44  cards
Assassins Creed Liberation
Ps vita,
Assassins creed 3 performance
45  cards
I, Daniel Blake
Ken loach,
Lifetime gross,
Box office
23  cards
Late Night Womens Hour
Societal shift,
Bbc aims
24  cards
Straight Outta Compton
Production company,
Box office
21  cards
Super bowl 50,
32  cards
Dizzee rascal,
Dream single album release,
Happy talks
24  cards
Vance joy,
25  cards
Media Language Theorists
Who does this apply to idea that ...,
Gap fillidea that ____ communicat...,
Finish the quotetexts communicate...
19  cards
Industry Theorists
Who does this refer too idea that...,
Gap fill idea that media is contr...,
What is the in a nut shell concep...
13  cards
Representation Theorists
What is stuart halls theory about,
Who thinks that the idea that ste...,
True or falsestuart hall believes...
22  cards
Audience Theorists
0  cards
Media Effects and Other Theorists
Who does this refer to assumes th...,
What 4 different purposes and fun...
2  cards
The Daily Mirror (Section A)
0  cards

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