a-level physics edexcel

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Decks in this class (16)

Topic 1 - basics
17  cards
Topic 2/6 - Mechanics / Further Mechanics
76  cards
Topic 3 - Electric Circuits
What is the gradient on a charge ...,
How do you work out charge in a c...
88  cards
Topic 4 - Materials
Archimedes pricipal is,
66  cards
Topic 5 - Waves / Particle Nature of Light
Longitudinal waves,
226  cards
Topic 7 - Electric an Magnetic Fields
Magnetic fields,
Electric field,
Electric field strength
116  cards
Topic 8 - Particle/Nuclear
Nucleon number,
Proton number,
Rutherfords scattering experiment
85  cards
Topic 9- Thermodynamics
Specific heat capacity,
Specific heat capacity equation,
Measuing specific heat capacity e...
83  cards
Topic 10 -Space
What is transmitted by the earths...,
Why are larger mirros used on ref...,
Radio telescope
84  cards
Topic 11 - Nuclear Radiation
What does an atom do if its unstable,
What is instability caused by,
Structure of alpha
96  cards
Topic 12 - Gravitational Fields
Gravitational field,
What is newtons law of gravitation,
Newtons law of gravitation
30  cards
Topic 13 - Oscillations
Simple harmonic motion,
Conditions for simple harmonic mo...,
Size of the force in simple harmo...
64  cards
What did planck work on,
What is a quanta,
E hf
64  cards
Determine the acceleration of a f...,
Determine the acceleration of a f...,
Why use and electromagnet in dete...
67  cards
Critique results model answer,
Making results more accurate,
Absolute uncertaintity
25  cards
important experiments (all topics p1 & p2)
Outline the stopping voltage set up,
Capacitor circuit,
Explain the stopping voltage expe...
32  cards

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a-level physics edexcel

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