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Describe how the sample was obtained,
Outline one strength of the sampl...,
Outline one weakness of the smili...
50  cards
Bandura’s Study
What was the study based on,
What perspective is bandura s stu...,
What is the background of bandura...
65  cards
Piliavin’s Study
What occurred in 1964 that inspir...,
What happened to kitty genovese i...,
How many witnesses heard kitty s ...
50  cards
Kohlberg's Study
What perspectives did kohlberg ta...,
How does the psychodynamic perspe...,
How does the behaviourist perspec...
42  cards
Moray's Study
Which key theme does moray s stud...,
What is the background for moray ...,
Who came up with the cocktail par...
48  cards
Loftus and Palmer's Study
What is the background to loftus ...,
What is a leading question,
What is a reconstructive memory
40  cards
Freud's Study
What are the 5 factors which crea...,
What is the theory which explores...,
What level of consciousness is th...
80  cards
Gould's Study
Define the term intelligence,
Describe the background to yerkes...,
What did yerkes s believe about i...
46  cards
Sperry's Study
What does the background of sperr...,
What does epilepsy involve,
What is the corpus callosum
41  cards
Blakemore and Cooper's Study
What is comparative psychology,
Define the term brain plasticity,
What is a visual cortex visual ne...
34  cards
Chaney's Study
What is the background to chaney ...,
What concept of the behaviourist ...,
Define the term compliance
39  cards
Lee's Study
Whats the background of lees study,
What type of culture is china,
What type of culture does canada ...
43  cards
What are the two perspectives in ...,
What are the principles of the be...,
What are the three key concepts o...
38  cards
What are the six ethical consider...,
What are the 4 broader ethical pr...,
As a ethical principle what does ...
21  cards
Methodological Issues
What is validity,
What is ecological validity,
What is population validity
46  cards
What are the three types of exper...,
What is a laboratory experiment,
What is a field experiment t
112  cards
What is the independent variable ...,
What is the dependent variable fo...,
Explain what type of design was u...
10  cards
What is self report,
What are the two main self report...,
What is one strength of using sel...
52  cards
What is the purpose of a correlat...,
What are the three types of corre...,
What do correlation studies inves...
14  cards
1  cards

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