a level psychology component 1

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The psychodynamic approach
3 levels of conciousness 1,
3 levels of consciousness 2,
3 levels of conciousness 3
25  cards
Psychodynamic Assumptions
Name of assumption 1,
Assumption 1 influences of childh...
36  cards
Behaviourist approach Assumptions
Behaviourist approach intro,
Background on behaviourist,
Assumption 1 name
22  cards
Cognitive Approach Assumptions
What are our different cognitive ...,
Name of assumption 1
14  cards
Biological Approach Assumptions
1 state,
1 explain,
1 example
10  cards
Positive approach assumptions
Assumption 1 state,
Assumption 1 explain,
1 eg
8  cards
Dream Analysis
How psychodynamic approach applie...,
How psychodynamic approach applie...,
How psychodynamic approach applie...
34  cards
Aversion Therapy (Behaviourist)
How the behaviourist approach is ...,
How the behaviourist approach is ...,
Components of aversion therapy 1 ...
26  cards
Aim of cbt,
Describe how the cognitive approa...,
Describe how the cognitive approa...
23  cards
Drug therapy
Components antipsychotic drugs 1,
What are positive symptoms,
What are negative symptoms
36  cards
How the pa is applied to mf authe...,
How the pa is applied to mf the a...,
What is the overall aim of pa
31  cards
Psychodynamic Contemporary debate - Mother as the PCG
Feeding point,
Feeding evidence nhs,
Feeding evidence oxytocin
34  cards
Behaviorist classical study - Watson & Rayner - Describe method and procedure
What was the name of the study,
Method why was this not a case study
29  cards
Behaviorist classical study - Watson & Rayner - Describe F&c
F emotional tests did a show any ...,
F emotional tests how did a react...,
F s1 how did a react when the rat...
22  cards
Evaluation of W+R method and procedure
Which out of graves apply,
Generalisability validity issues ...,
Generalisability validity an arti...
4  cards
Psychodynamic classical study - Bowlby 44 juvenile thieves
F how were the thieves diagnosed,
F mneumoic,
F description of normal character...
49  cards
Cognitive Approach Classic Evidence - Loftus Palmer (1974)
An internally valid study v,
An artificial study v g,
A replicable study
25  cards
Cognitive Approach Debate
Why is this a controversial debate,
Eyewitnesses are not reliable due...,
Loftus and palmer study found
18  cards
Evaluating the approaches - Scientific vs Non Scientific
What does it mean to be scientific,
2 aspects that make an approach s...,
Non scientific scientific
10  cards
Evaluating the approaches -
0  cards
Evaluating the approaches -
0  cards
Evaluating the approaches -
0  cards
Evaluating the approaches -
0  cards
Biological study - Raine evaluation
0  cards

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a level psychology component 1

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