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Judaism Keywords.
97  cards
Ethics and Philosophy.
What do we refer to peoples behav...,
What does relative mean,
What does subjective mean
165  cards
War and Peace.
What is a war,
What is the criteria,
What three areas does the just wa...
18  cards
What did jeremy bentham say about...,
What did john stuart mill say abo...,
What is act utilitarianism
7  cards
Situation ethics.
What did joseph fletcher say abou...,
What did fletcher divide his prin...,
What are the advantages and disad...
3  cards
Natural moral law
What did thomas aquinas believe a...,
What is natural law,
How can we know nml
7  cards
War and Peace
What is war defined as,
What are christian beliefs about war,
When will christians support war
13  cards
Sexual ethics.
What are the issues to do with se...,
What are christian churches view ...,
What is the natural law view of t...
21  cards
Environmental issues.
What are environmental issues,
What are christian view of stewar...,
What is the utilitarian principle...
10  cards
What are examples of differences ...,
What did the sex discrimination a...,
What does happen despite the act
14  cards
Design argument.
What is the design argument,
What are the key features of the ...,
What did thomas aquinas say about...
9  cards
Cosmological argument.
What are the key features of the ...,
What premises is it based on,
What are aquinas five ways
7  cards
Ontological argument.
What are the key concepts of the ...,
What did st anselm say about the ...,
What did rene descartes say about...
8  cards
Religious experience.
What are the key concepts of reli...,
What did paul tillich say about r...,
What did rudolf otto say about re
7  cards
Problem of evil
What are the key ideas of the pro...,
What are the solutions to the pro...,
What is the augustinian theodicy
8  cards
What is political zionism,
What did he write and believe,
Where does his picture hang
7  cards
The Holocaust
What was the master race,
What were hitlers thoughts,
What were the nuremburg laws
13  cards
Religious language
What is religious language,
Why is religious language difficult,
What is cognitive language
36  cards
Moses Mendelssohn
Who was moses mendelssohn,
Where was he born,
Where and by whom was he educated
10  cards
Proving gods existence,
The creation,
Conception of god
3  cards
Religious pluralism
Which 3 disasters have befallen t...,
What did these incidents force,
Religious pluralism and jewish id...
11  cards
Gender and discrimination in Judaism
Who was regina jonas,
What is her standpoint,
What does she embrace
19  cards
The shaping of Jewish identity - Diaspora
What are the rivers of babylon,
What does the river of babylon ex...,
What was the destruction of the t...
20  cards
Atheism and critques of religious belief
What is atheism,
What is weak atheism,
What is strong atheism
21  cards
Meta ethics
What is meta ethics,
What are the two main views,
What is the fact value distinction
24  cards
Life after death
Why is the prospect of a life aft...,
What are the arguments against th...,
What are the views on the relatio...
19  cards
The relationship between religion and morality
What are the three options regard...,
What is the euthyphro dilemma,
When do the issues arise
16  cards

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