a-level rs - christianity (eduqas/wjec)

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1A Jesus: his birth
What are the birth narratives,
What are the differences in the g...,
What are the differences in the g...
37  cards
1B Jesus: his resurrection
What is the etymology of resurrec...,
For how many days did jesus appea...,
What is a chiasm used in john 20
32  cards
1C The Bible as a source of wisdom and authority in daily life
Where does the english word bible...,
Give a few facts about the old te...,
What does deuterocanonical mean
11  cards
1D The bible as a source of wisdom and authority
What is the biblical canon,
Which books of the canon did the ...,
Give some issues with the creatio...
40  cards
1E The early church
Given that everyones a saint at t...,
Who was the first enlightenment t...,
What is the kerygma plural kerygmata
17  cards
1F Two views of Jesus
What is a worldview,
What does nt wright say about how...,
Explain wrights view of the world...
35  cards
2A The nature of God
What evidence is there for god as...,
What bible passages portray god a...,
How does the bible make it clear ...
25  cards
2B The Trinity
What three things does the doctri...,
Who coined the word trinity,
When how was the doctrine formalised
37  cards
2C The atonement
What is the atonement,
Why is reconciliation necessary,
The word atonement is coined from...
35  cards
2D Faith and works
What does justification mean in a...,
In the middle ages the roman cath...,
What made luther begin to think a...
23  cards
2E The community of believers
Give a brief introduction to the ...,
What were the three things that t...,
Explain they devoted themselves t...
9  cards
2F Key moral principles
What are christian moral principl...,
Teacher which commandment in the ...,
Explain love of neighbour with re...
9  cards
3A Attitudes toward wealth
Give a quote from luke 12 15,
What four bible passages does the...,
Give two quotes from mark 10 17 25
42  cards
3B Migration and Christianity in the UK
What has the un recorded about th...,
Explain how christianity is a sto...,
Complete the sentence christianit...
23  cards
3C Feminist theology and the changing role of men and women
What is feminist theology,
Give an introduction to rosemary ...,
What does androcentrism mean
32  cards
3D Challenges from secularisation
What percentage of primary and se...,
How many bishops sit in the house...,
According to a 2011 census what p...
37  cards
3E Challenges from science
What are the basic contrasting vi...,
According to dawkins when faced w...,
What is dawkins modern version pa...
21  cards
3F Challenges from pluralism and diversity within a tradition
What is exclusivism,
What is inclusivism,
What is pluralism
36  cards
4A Religious identity through diversity in baptism
Give an example of new testament ...,
What was the view of infant bapti...,
What was augustines view of infan...
18  cards
4B Religious identity through diversity in Eucharist
What is the most important sacrament,
What is the english translation o...,
What are four other names for the...
32  cards
4C Religious identity through diversity in festivals
What day does the western church ...,
Give an example of a pagan symbol...,
How long is advent in the western...
38  cards
4D Religious identity through unification
What is the ecumenical movement,
Give some biblical support for ec...,
Does unity mean uniformity
27  cards
4E Religious identity through religious experience
What does charismatic mean,
Give three references of passages...,
Passages that scholars believe we...
30  cards
4F Religious identity through responses to poverty and injustice
What is liberation theology,
Where and when did liberation the...,
Which two thinkers does the spec ...
38  cards

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