a-level rs - ethics

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0 General Definitions
In the study of ethics what is an...,
Define meta ethics,
Define normative ethics
12  cards
1A Divine Command Theory
Give the main quote from platos d...,
What is divine command theory als...,
What is the divine command theory
14  cards
1B Virtue theory
What is virtue theory,
Give a quote from cave about virt...,
In which book did aristotle outli...
46  cards
1C Ethical egoism
What is ethical egoism,
In 1928 ha pritchard gave a lectu...,
What is the distinction between e...
18  cards
1D Meta-ethical approaches - Naturalism
What is naturalism heavily linked to,
What epistemological position doe...,
What did hume advocate
30  cards
1E Meta-ethical approaches - Intuitionism
Explain the views of intuitionism...,
What is intuitionism also known a...,
Explain how our intuitive ability...
18  cards
1F Meta-ethical approaches - Emotivism
Explain how objective moral laws ...,
How did a j ayer view ethical sta...,
How is emotivism different from s...
11  cards
2A Natural Law: laws and precepts as the basis of morality
What is natural law,
Who can the ideas of natural law ...,
When did natural law make its fir...
21  cards
2B Natural Law: the role of virtues and goods in supporting moral behaviour
According to aquinas how can corr...,
What are the three theological vi...,
Why are the three theological vir...
21  cards
2C Natural Law: application of the theory
What are the two instances that t...,
What should you not do in the exam,
Abortion give some views on when ...
16  cards
2D John Finnis’ development of Natural Law
How is finnis view of natural law...,
What does finnis use instead of p...,
How does finnis show that the bas...
25  cards
2E Bernard Hoose’s Proportionalism
Give a background to proportionalism,
Who condemned proportionalism wha...,
What is hooses proportionalist maxim
7  cards
2F Finnis’ Natural Law and Hoose’s Proportionalism: application of the theory
What are the two instances that t...,
Finnis what is the issue with app...,
Finnis immigration list and elabo...
25  cards
3A Situation Ethics: rejection of other forms of ethics and acceptance of agape as the basis of morality
Which era was part of the reason ...,
When did fletcher found situation...,
Give three people who fletcher wa...
18  cards
3B Situation Ethics: the principles as a means of assessing morality
Explain how agape is the boss pri...,
Which old testament teachings mak...,
How did st augustine develop agape
18  cards
3C Situation Ethics: application of the theory
What are the two instances that t...,
Give an introduction to homosexua...,
Give an introduction to polyamoro...
15  cards
3D Classical Utilitarianism – Jeremy Bentham’s Act Utilitarianism: happiness as the basis of morality
Give an introduction to bentham a...,
What is the principle of utility,
What did bentham claim was the ba...
22  cards
3E John Stuart Mill’s development of Utilitarianism: types of pleasure, the harm principle, the use of rules
Mill a former pupil of bentham ha...,
How is aristotles eudaimonia clos...,
What is mills first change to act...
15  cards
3F Utilitarianism: application of the theories (Act and Rule)
What are the two instances that t...,
What are the problems with applyi...,
Apply act utilitarianism bentham ...
17  cards
4A Religious concepts of predestination, with reference to the teachings of St Augustine and John Calvin
What is augustines doctrine on pr...,
What is augustines doctrine groun...,
Augustine what is concupiscence
26  cards
4B Concepts of determinism
Who coined the term hard determinism,
What is hard determinism,
What are the three types of hard ...
34  cards
4C The implications of predestination/determinism
What are the two implications tha...,
Hard determinism moral responsibi...,
Hard determinism moral responsibi...
16  cards
4D Religious concepts of free will, with reference to the teachings of Pelagius and Arminius
Are free will and determinism com...,
Give an introduction to pelagius,
What is pelagius view of the role...
27  cards
4E Concepts of libertarianism
Give an introduction to libertari...,
Who on the spec is associated wit...,
Who on the spec is associated wit...
22  cards
4F The implications of libertarianism and free will
What are the two implications tha...,
Libertarianism moral responsibili...,
Libertarianism moral responsibili...
18  cards

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