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Development of Christian Thought - St Augustine
Jean jacque rousseaus views on hu...,
Jean jacque rousseaus quote for h...,
Thomas hobbes views on human nature
111  cards
Philosophy - Plato
What does a priori mean,
Examples of a priori knowledge,
What does a posteriori mean
78  cards
Philosophy - key words
A priori,
Logical reasoning
25  cards
Philosophy - Aristotle
What did aristotle think about th...,
What are the four causes,
What is the material cause
28  cards
Philosophy - The Soul
Explain the dualist view on the soul,
Explain the monist view on the soul,
Explain the materialistic view on...
62  cards
Development of Christian Thought - Death and the Afterlife
What 3 things can jesus teachings...,
Explain the kingdom of god as a p...,
Why is the purple significant in ...
160  cards
Development of Christian Thought - Key Words
St augustine,
The confessions
25  cards
Philosophy - Arguments For the Existence of God
What type of argument is the desi...,
Where does the evidence to suppor...,
Is the design argument inductive
152  cards
AO2 Phrases
Describing similarities,
Showing cause and effect,
Comparing and contrasting
7  cards
DCT - Knowledge of God's Existence
Define sensus divinitatis,
How might christians say they kno...,
What is numinous
154  cards
Philosophy - Religious Experience
What is a religious experience,
Who was william james and what di...,
What four features did william ja...
63  cards
The Person of Jesus
What does son of god mean,
What gave jesus his authority,
Quote from the bible which shows ...
215  cards
The Problem of Evil
What is natural evil,
What is moral human evil,
The logical problem of evil is de...
89  cards
Christian Moral Principles
Christian faith provides us with ...,
There are 3 ways that christians ...,
Essentially how is the bible a so...
131  cards
Philosophy - Nature of God
W chalmers smith quote and explan...,
Psalm 139 2 6 and explanation,
Psalm 90 2 and explanation
183  cards
Philosophy - Religious Language
What does religious language refe...,
The religiosity of language does ...,
What is the debate around religio...
291  cards
DCT - The life and teachings of Dietrich Bonhoeffer
Define discipleship,
How was jesus a threat to authori...,
Outline the life of bonhoeffer
139  cards
Ethics - Normative ethics
What is teleological or consequen...,
What is deontological thinking,
How can natural law be understood
122  cards
Ethics - Non-religious Normative Ethics
Where does the word utilitarianis...,
What does utilitarianism argue,
What is the thinking behind utili...
66  cards
DCT - Religious Pluralism and Theology
What is religious pluralism,
Liberalism is what,
Why does religious pluralism pose...
74  cards
Possible Exam Questions Plans
To what extent does plato s view ...,
Evaluate plato s view on the hier...,
Critically discuss plato s theory...
90  cards
Ethics - Applied Ethics - Business and Medical
The catholic church argues that w...,
What does the catholic church bel...,
Pope john paul ii quote about eut...
87  cards
Essential Scholars
David hume and richard dawkins ge...,
Logical positivists general argument,
Aj ayer quote on metaphysical
9  cards
DCT - Religious Pluralism and Society
Why is britain a multi faith society,
What is culture,
Why does culture affect the relig...
78  cards
Ethics - Applied Ethics - Sexual Ethics
What is sexual ethics,
Catholic beliefs surrounding marr...,
The catholic church believes marr...
25  cards
Situation Ethics
Who proposed situation ethics,
How did fletcher propose situatio...,
Why was joseph fletcher presentin...
55  cards
Where does the word utilitarianis...,
What does utilitarianism argue,
What is the thinking behind utili...
35  cards
PoJ Paper
22  cards
Augustine Paper
Augustine s teachings on human re...,
Augustine s teachings on human re...,
Augustine s teachings on human re...
20  cards

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