a-level sociology - education

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Key Theorists
Emile durkheimfunctionalist,
Talcott parsonsfunctionalist,
Davis moore functionalist
12  cards
The tripartite system,
Critiques of the tripartite system,
The __________ system was the ___...
16  cards
Who are the main functionalist th...,
What do they examine,
What do they recognise about insi...
23  cards
What type of theory is it,
Who dominates capitalist societies,
What is the means of production
26  cards
How does henry giroux 1984 disagr...,
What do neo marxists like willis ...,
What research methods did willis use
18  cards
Social Democracy
Is it a revolutionary theory,
Who are two key social democrats ...,
What two things do they promote i...
10  cards
New Right
What is the fundamental ideology ...,
How do they agree with social dem...,
How do neoliberals perceive state...
8  cards
How do postmodernists differ from...,
Usher bryant and johnson 1997 how...,
What has the responsiveness of ad...
7  cards
Topic 2: Class - Material Deprivation
What are the barriers to learning...,
Despite education being free why ...,
What did washbrook and waldfogel ...
11  cards
Topic 2: Class - Cultural Deprivation and Cultural capital
What is meant by cultural depriva...,
What does barry sugarman 1970 sta...,
What did leon fernstein 2003 find...
22  cards
Topic 2: Class - Factors inside the education system
What is believed about in school ...,
What do perry and francis 2010 cl...,
What do interactionists examine
28  cards
Topic 2: Class - Social policy and class
How can educational policies rela...,
What are policies aimed at reduci...,
How are some policies a form of p...
3  cards
Topic 4: Gender - Trends
What did feminists in the 1980s s...,
What did michelle cohen 1998 note...,
How were women disadvantaged at u...
18  cards
Topic 4: Gender - Socialisation affect on achievement
What do edwards and davids 2000 s...,
How did burns and bracey 2001 sho...,
What other ways demonstrate the r...
14  cards
Topic 4: Gender - Effect of social change on achievement
What does the feminist sociologis...,
What has changed in the economy a...,
For wilkinson what has changed in...
20  cards
Topic 4: Gender - In-school factors
What were the overarching ideas t...,
Specifically what did spender find,
What specific thing did stanworth...
22  cards
Topic 4: Gender - In-school factors (subject choice)
Are there still stark differences...,
Why do feminists such as anne col...,
Roughly how many boys chose physi...
7  cards
What was the 1944 butler act,
What did the butler act introduce,
What was the butler act based on
10  cards
Topic 3: Ethnicity - Trends
Is there a universal pattern,
Do gender and class matter
2  cards
Topic 3: Ethnicity - Material factors
Do all ethnic groups have the sam...,
What did lina platt 2011 find abo...,
Do income patterns reflect achiev...
7  cards
Topic 3: Ethnicity - Cultural factors
What views are often held and why...,
What did archer and francis 2007 ...,
What did basit 2013 find about at...
11  cards
Topic 3: Ethnicity - Internal factors
Labelling racism and pupil respon...,
Labelling racism and pupil respon...,
Labelling racism and pupil respon...
28  cards
Topic 5: Hidden Curriculum
What is the hidden curriculum,
Does everyone accept the hidden c...,
What is the functionalist view on...
9  cards
Topic 5: Pupil Subcultures
Are all pupil subcultures the same,
Why does peter woods 1983 think t...,
What are woods 8 subcultures
30  cards
Topic 5: Labelling and Self-fulfilling prophecy
What was noted about teacher resp...,
What are the two ways in which st...,
What was the impact of the sfp co...
4  cards
Topic 5: Teacher-pupil relationships
What type of students do teachers...,
What do teachers think about the ...,
What do gillborn and youdell 1999...
7  cards
Topic 5: Organisation of teaching and learning
What are the results of pupils be...,
What are the main ways of grouping,
What has been the effect of leagu...
8  cards
Topic 5: Identity
What can identity link to,
What was robert young s 2012 reas...,
In his study of 22 scot schools d...
5  cards

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