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[1] Epistaxis
What is epistaxis more commonly k...,
What is epistaxis,
What sort of age distribution doe...
55  cards
[2] Neck Lumps
What are most neck lumps caused by,
Why is thorough assessment of nec...,
What is the most common cause of ...
36  cards
[3] Parapharyngeal Abscess
What is a parapharyngeal abscess,
What is the parapharyngeal space,
Where is the parapharyngeal space
28  cards
[4] Sialolithiasis
What is sialolithiasis more commo...,
What is sialolithiasis,
How can salivary stones be classi...
30  cards
[5] Ludwig's Angina
What is ludwig s angina,
What cause ludwig s angina,
What are some common causative or...
28  cards
[6] Epiglottitis
What is acute epiglottitis,
Why epiglottitis important,
What is the most common causative...
27  cards
[7] Sjögren’s syndrome
What is sjorgen syndrome,
What is the current thought of pa...,
What cells are particularly affec...
34  cards
[8] Acute Rhinosinusitis
What is acute rhinosinusitis also...,
What is acute rhinosinusitis,
What is the time span of acute rh...
41  cards
[9] Chronic Rhinosinusitis
What is chronic rhinosinusitis,
What are the three main types of ...,
What are the categories of causes...
23  cards
[10] Retropharyngeal Abscess
What is a retropharyngeal abscess,
What is essential in retropharyng...,
Why is early recognition and aggr...
35  cards
[11] Otitis Externa
What is otitis externa,
What does otitis externa include,
How can otitis externa vary
48  cards
[12] Acute Otitis Media
What is acute otitis media,
Who is acute otitis media more co...,
Does acute otitis media only affe...
31  cards
[13] Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media
What is chronic suppurative otiti...,
What is chronic otitis media char...,
What can chronic suppurative otit...
41  cards
[14] Otitis Media with Effusion
What is otitis media with effusio...,
What is glue ear,
How common is glue ear
36  cards
[15] Otosclerosis
What is otosclerosis,
What is the otic capsule,
What is the pathology in otoscler...
29  cards
[16] Vertigo
What is dizziness,
Is vertigo the same as dizziness,
What is vertigo
31  cards
[17] Allergic Rhinitis
What is allergic rhinitis,
How can allergic rhinitis be furt...,
When does seasonal allergic rhini...
43  cards
[18] Tonsillitis
What is tonsillitis,
What are the tonsils,
What is waldeyers ring
29  cards
[19] Obstructive Sleep Apnoea Syndrome
What is obstructive sleep apnoea ...,
How is complete apnoea defined,
How is partial apnoea defined
58  cards
[20] Auricular Haematoma
What is an auricular haematoma,
What arteries form the blood supp...,
What happens in auricular haematoma
25  cards
[21] Tympanic Membrane Perforation
What is tympanic membrane perfora...,
What is a tympanic membrane perfo...,
How does tympanic membrane perfor...
20  cards
[22] Sialadenitis
What is sialadenitis,
What salivary gland is most commo...,
What are the less commonly affect...
20  cards

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