a principles of physiology

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Suitcase model,
Three fluid compartments,
Three fluid compartments with gly...
10  cards
Transport of molecules
Types of movement across a membrane,
Diffusion flux,
What factors affect the rate of d...
51  cards
Osmolarity and Tonicity
Diagram showing osmotic pressure,
Osmolarity of saline,
Isotonic saline is ___
31  cards
Endocrine and Exocrine & Intro to Cell Signaling
Diagram of exocrine and endocrine...,
What is the difference between,
Where are hormones usually released
24  cards
Cell Signaling/Communication
What do gap junctions between cel...,
What do gap junctions between cel...,
Direct surface protein interaction
33  cards
Endocrine System
Diagram showing places in body th...,
Chemical groupings,
Diagram showing how peptide hormo...
31  cards
Nervous System
Diagram of axon,
Function of dendrites,
Function of axon initial segment ...
57  cards
Nervous System Part 2
Overview of conduction down an axon,
Synapse overview,
What are the three pathways that ...
10  cards
Divisions of the nervous system,
Brain labelled with medulla and h...,
Spinal cord
53  cards
Last bit of muscular
0  cards
Cardiac 1
The mammalian heart is a dual pump,
Overview of blood movement throug...
95  cards
Cardiac 2
Key terms,
Equation for stroke volume
42  cards
Blood Flow 1
Blood flow ohm s law watch lectur...,
What is the equation for pressure...,
Pressure is a ___
52  cards
Blood Flow 2
Cardiovascular system as a circui...,
Factors determining heart rate vs...,
How is peripheral resistance dete...
59  cards
Respiratory 1
Diagram of anatomy of respiratory...,
Dead space,
How do we inflate and deflate the...
39  cards
Respiratory 2
Ventilation to perfusion ratio,
What is ventilation,
What is perfusion
44  cards
Valsalva Maneuver
Phase 1,
Phase 2 late strain phase,
Phase 3
4  cards
Renal 1
Overview of renal functions,
Location of kidney in body connec...,
Diagram of kidney structure
49  cards
Renal 2
How does kidney handle solutes an...,
Transport of glucose across the a...,
Co transport with sodium
22  cards
Renal 3
What is the effect of pumping na ...,
How does the countercurrent multi...,
What solute does adh add and what...
54  cards
Acid-Base balance
0  cards
Exercise Physiology
Quantifying performance in terms ...,
Muscle fiber types,
Slow twitch muscle fibers
43  cards
GI 1
Primary and auxillary structures ...,
Switch from skeletal to smooth mu...
87  cards
Metabolism & Diabetes
Got a little lazy with this one and didn't transcribe all, put time stamps for what part of lecture to watch
68  cards
Case studies
What is hyperkalemia,
What happens to equilibrium poten...,
What does the secondary in second...
29  cards

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a principles of physiology

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