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Chapter 4 - Gravity
What direction does gravity act,
3 rules for drawing a field,
3 rules for gravitational field l...
24  cards
Chapter 6 - Thermal Physics
How do we observe brownian motion,
Sas of solid particles
39  cards
Chapter 7 - Ideal Gases
Define one mole 3,
Define boyle s law,
Boyle s law equation
23  cards
Chapter 5 - Oscillations
Define natural frequency,
What are forced oscillations,
What are free oscillations
28  cards
Chapter 1 - Momentum
Define perfectly elastic collision,
Define inelastic collision,
4  cards
Chapter 2 - Momentum And Newtons Laws
Nsl of motion,
Ntl of motion
5  cards
Chapter 3 - Circular Motion
Angle radians,
Define one radian,
Define centripetal force
6  cards
Chapter 8 Electric Fields
Define electrostatic induction,
Explain how electrostatic inducti...,
Explain how you can make an objec...
18  cards
Chapter 15 - X-rays
What are the aims of the radiogra...,
What are two detection systems fo...,
How does film work
17  cards
Chapter 12 - Atomic Structure
What did rutherford do and notice...,
Define nuclear model of the atom,
Explain the gold foil experiment
32  cards
Chapter 13 - Nuclear Physics
Define induced nuclear fission,
Define nuclear fusion,
Write down examples for equations...
23  cards
Chapter 14 - Radioactivity
When is gamma emitted,
Define positron,
Learn on the table in notes
30  cards
Chapter 16 - Diagnostic Methods In Medicine
Two reasons a radionuclide should...,
Write equations for technetium 99m,
The radionuclide must decay fast ...
25  cards
Names Of Stella Objects
What is a,
What is a main sequence star,
What is a planet
14  cards
Chapter 16 continued
What happens to protons in a stro...,
Define precession,
What does lining up mean
23  cards
Chapter 18 - The Nature Of The Universe
Learn hertzsprung russell diagram,
Define cosmological principle,
What are the three facts of the c...
39  cards
Chapter 17 - Using Ultrasound In Medicine
Define transducer,
Define piezoelectric crystal,
Explain how a piezoelectric trans...
22  cards
Chapter 9 - Magnetic Fields (unfinished)
Learn fields for,
Right hand rule,
How do ferrous materials work
15  cards
Chapter 11 - Capacitors
Explain the composition of a capa...,
Explain how a capacitor is charged 3,
Note about plates
23  cards
Chapter 19 - Evolution Of The Universe
What is the planck time,
Why can t we know about before th...,
Stages 1 5 only 3 with time from ...
22  cards
To Learn
How do you change 66kms 1mpc 1 to...,
Ask webber why answer 2d june 201...,
Learn when to use w qv and when t...
9  cards
Explain why particles moving in a...,
Define electromotive force,
Define magnetic flux
20  cards
Chapter 10 EM Induction
For a coil of wire what does the ...,
How is an emf induced for a coil,
In electromagnetic induction how ...
24  cards
Last Minute G484
2 conclusions from brownian motion,
Use kinetic model of a gas and ne...,
State with a reason what happens ...
3  cards
X Rays More
How are x rays produced,
Explain how an x ray tube works,
Define braking radiation
7  cards

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