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Contract design stakeholders,
Reasons for calculating provisions,
Contract design factors
44  cards
Ch 0
List 7 applications of the acc,
What makes the acc actuarial 11,
List the 3 stages and 2 inputs to...
8  cards
Ch 1: Actuarial advice
Possible clients of an insurance ...,
Possible clients for benefit sche...,
Possible clients for a bank 18
10  cards
Ch 2: The external environment
Legislation vs regulation,
2 examples of compulsory insurance,
Explain state benefit as an exter...
31  cards
Ch 9: Bonds and money markets
Outline 3 situations when index l...,
List 10 investment and risk chara...,
List 9 investment and risk charac...
19  cards
Ch 10: Equity and property markets
Define the term ordinary share,
List 11 investment and risk chara...,
Describe the cashflows on an ordi...
43  cards
Ch 11: Other investment classes
Outline the purpose of collective...,
Define closed ended schemes in th...,
Define open ended in the context ...
37  cards
Ch 12: Behavior of the markets
State the key risks to which an i...,
How is the general level of the m...,
What are the two main factors aff...
48  cards
Ch 13: Valuation of investments
List 8 methods used to value indi...,
What are the advantages and disad...
27  cards
Ch 14: Relationship between returns on asset classes
State the formula for the require...,
State the formula fore the expect...,
What does it mean if the required...
13  cards
Ch 15: Choosing an appropriate investment strategy
What criteria should an investmen...,
Give 4 examples of possible inves...,
Give 3 examples of how risk might...
21  cards
Ch 16: Asset-liability management
What are the 2 key principles of ...,
List a feature that might be cove...,
Describe the cashflows on a singl...
25  cards
Ch 16: Asset-liability management 2
Principles of investment,
In practice the actual liability ...,
Liability outgo can be split by n...
31  cards
Ch 17: Investment management
Active investment management,
Passive investment management,
List 6 factors to consider before...
20  cards
Ch 18: Modelling
What is a model 24,
Modelling requires a balance to b...,
What is the advantage of an actua...
25  cards
Ch 19: Data
Define personal data,
8 principles which must be follow...,
Examples of what might count as s...
27  cards
Ch 22: Expenses
Give examples of expenses that ar...,
How do the expenses relating to a...,
Explain briefly the process of al...
16  cards
Ch 24: Pricing and financing
What is the difference between th...,
Formula for the value of premiums...,
List other factors to consider wh...
21  cards
Ch 25: Risk governance
List the 6 stages in the risk man...,
The risk identification stage of ...,
Explain the purpose of the risk c...
17  cards
Ch 32: Provisions
How are risk management and provi...,
Why does a firm want to reduce it...,
Describe the relationship between...
24  cards
Ch 33: Valuation of liabilities
Give the different approaches ava...,
Give the key assumption when usin...,
Under which scenario is a discoun...
27  cards
Ch 34: Reporting results
List the important accounting con...,
When analysing accounts attention...,
Outline what information can be f...
17  cards
Ch 36: Capital management
What does capital management of a...,
Give the capital needs of individ...,
4  cards
Ch 37: Capital requirements
What are the two components of re...,
What is the use of the additional...,
What does a provider of financial...
30  cards
**Ch 38: Surplus
Key takeaways,
Lifetime profit,
5  cards
**Ch 39: Monitoring
Give the reasons for monitoring e...,
Give the data requirements for ex...,
Describe the analysis process for...
23  cards
Purpose of distribution,
The 4 p s of marketing,
How financial service products ar...
5  cards

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