actuarial risk management (a311) 2021

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Chapter A1 - Banking
List the different types of banks,
What are the roles of retail banks,
Describe the activities and produ...
12  cards
Chapter 0 - Introduction
What makes the acc actuarial,
What does the specifying the prob...,
What does the monitoring the expe...
18  cards
Chapter 1 - Actuarial Advice
List public sector stakeholders t...,
List 12 stakeholders involved in ...,
List 7 areas in which actuaries c...
15  cards
Chapter 2 - External Environment
List 15 external environment cons...,
External environment legislation ...,
External environment state benefits
23  cards
Chapter 3 - Regulation
What were the 2 competing goals r...,
Direct costs of regulation,
Indirect costs of regulation
31  cards
Chapter 4 - Financial Products and Consumer Needs
Benefits can be categorised as 5,
What are the 5 types of benefit p...,
5 financial product categories
21  cards
Chapter 5 - Benefits Overview & Providers of Benefits
Defined benefit scheme,
Defined contribution scheme,
Hybrid scheme
23  cards
Chapter 6 - Life Insurance Products
Give examples of customer needs m...,
Under what circumstances are bene...,
List 15 life insurance products
19  cards
Chapter 7 - Health Insurance Products
Main types of healthcare products,
4 aspects to consider in product ...,
Types of underwriting for short t...
36  cards
Chapter 8 - General Insurance Products
Experience rating
1  cards
Chapter 9 - Bond and Money Markets
Money market instruments can be i...,
4 types of bank deposits,
Call deposits
32  cards
Chapter 10 - Equity & Property Markets
Ordinary share,
Investment and risk characteristi...,
Quoted shares
40  cards
Chapter 11 pt. 1 - Other Investment Classes: CIS
Collective investment schemes cis,
2 types of cis,
Close ended cis
17  cards
Chapter 11 pt. 2 - Other Investment Classes: Derivatives
Forward contract,
Futures contract
19  cards
Chapter 11 pt. 3 - Other Investment Classes: Overseas Markets
3 main reasons to hold foreign as...,
How would foreign assets increase...,
Fundamental drawbacks of overseas...
22  cards
Chapter 12 - Behaviour of the Markets
1 main factor affecting demand fo...,
Short term interest rates are det...,
Describe 3 factors influencing sh...
45  cards
Chapter 13 - Valuation of Investments
8 valuation methods,
Fair value,
What are the characteristics of m...
30  cards
Chapter 14 - Relationship between returns on asset classes
State the formula for the require...,
State the formula for the approxi...,
What does it mean if the required...
16  cards
Chapter 15 - Choosing an appropriate investment strategy
0  cards
Chapter 16 - ALM
0  cards
Chapter 17 - Investment Management
0  cards
Chapter 18 - Modelling
0  cards
Chapter 19 - Data
0  cards
Chapter 20 - Setting Assumptions
0  cards
Chapter 21 - Mortality & Morbidity
0  cards
Chapter 23 - Contract Design
0  cards

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actuarial risk management (a311) 2021

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