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Ch. 2 The ACE Integrated Fitness Training Model
Traditional training parameters,
Contemporary training parameters,
For substantial health benefits a...
21  cards
Ch. 3 Basics of Behavior Change
What is at the core of being an a...,
What factors make up behavior change,
What is the health belief model
58  cards
Ch.4 Effective Communication, Goal Setting, and Teaching Techniques
How can a pt have an immediate po...,
What is rapport,
In the stages of a client pt rela...
63  cards
Ch. 5 Preparticipation Health Screening
Who is the risk of acute myocardi...,
What are the 3 health screening f...,
The 3 goals of the health screeni...
12  cards
Ch. 6 Nutrition for Health and Fitness
What kind of nutrition informatio...,
What should pts be prepared to di...,
Recommended dietary allowance rda
75  cards
Ch. 7 Resting Assessments and Anthropometric Measurements
For what reasons are baseline ass...,
Because past performance is a cri...,
What assessments merit consideration
43  cards
Ch. 8 Cardiorespiratory Training: Physiology, Assessments, and Programming
What is the cardiovascular system,
What is the liquid component of b...,
What are the 3 categories of bloo...
66  cards
Ch. 9 Muscular Training: Foundations and Benefits
What are other names for muscular...,
What are some widespread benefits...,
What are the essential functions ...
65  cards
Ch. 10 Muscular Training: Assessments
What does functional training foc...,
What is lordosis what are the hyp...,
What is kyphosis what are the hyp...
25  cards
Ch. 11 Integrated Exercise Programming: From Evidence to Practice
What are the 3 factors that all p...,
What are the 5 steps of evidence ...,
What are some good steps for reco...
33  cards
Ch. 12 Considerations for Clients w/ Obesity
What are the main contributing va...,
What are some contributing factor...,
What types of diseases and disord...
19  cards
Ch. 13 Considerations for Clients w/ Chronic Disease
What should modifications to an e...,
What is the leading cause of deat...,
Reducing what 3 risk factors woul...
51  cards
Ch. 14 Exercise Considerations Across the Lifespan
In a study done in 2018 what perc...,
What are some causes for the decl...,
What can physical inactivity poor...
16  cards
Ch. 15 Considerations for Clients w/ Musculoskeletal Issues
What is an acute injury,
What is a chronic injury or condi...,
What are the 3 phases that the bo...
44  cards
Ch. 16 Legal Guidelines and Business Considerations
Typically what structures do for ...,
What is a sole proprietorship,
What is a corporate veil
38  cards

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