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Acting Captain's Exam: Incident Safety Officer Chapter 5 - Building Construction
Building construction
47  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Incident Safety Officer Chapter 6 - Reading Smoke
An explosive event that occurs wh...,
A slang term for smoke that is hi...,
A rapid fire growth phenomenon th...
24  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Chapter 15 - Firefighting Tactics
List the rule of six,
List the basic mental evolutions ...,
Provide an explanation of each of...
7  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Additional Study Notes
List 5 factors of backdraft poten...,
Elevator safety points at least 4,
Ladder safety 4 c s
16  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Annual Report, Hamilton Fire Department
How many incident responses did h...,
How many medical calls did hamilt...,
How many average incidents does h...
5  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Harassment in the Workplace
What should management do if an a...,
Describe assault,
Describe battery
11  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act
The aoda defines a disability as,
The aoda defines a barrier as
2  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Memos
What is the apparatus response fo...,
Which apparatus are dispatched to...,
Which apparatus are dispatched to...
6  cards
Acting Captain's Exam: Training Bulletins
Describe the activation sequence ...,
Where can one find the feo k1 key...
2  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Day 1
What are the three distinct roles...,
Should the acting captain take pu...,
What wording indicates mandatory ...
6  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Fire Protection and Prevention Act
Definition fire chief,
Definition firefighter,
Definition volunteer firefighter
11  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Occupational Health and Safety
Duties of supervisor,
Describe the two pieces of legisl...,
Reporting refusal to work
5  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Highway Traffic Act
Describe the legislation governin...,
Describe the legislation governin...
2  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Criminal Code of Canada
What is criminal negligence
1  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Documentation, Forms & Note Taking
Hamilton fire department policy o...,
What pertinent information should...,
What pertinent information should...
14  cards
Acting Captain's Class - IMS
What is the primary responsibilit...,
What are the four key elements of...,
How does an ims help firefighters...
16  cards
Acting Captain's Class - Radio Communications
What 8 items should be included i...,
As a rule of thumb which tacs are...
2  cards
Acting Captain's Exam - Policies and Guidelines
Which is the city of hamilton by ...,
Whose responsibility is it for fi...,
What should the supervisor do if ...
3  cards
Acting Captain Practical Exam Study
Practical exam
1  cards

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