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Chapter 1: Professionalism
Jobs that actuaries do,
Statutory roles reserved only for...,
Responsibility of the government ...
15  cards
Chapter 2: Stakeholders
Stakeholders involved in a pensio...,
Interests of policyholders,
Interests of the board of directo...
15  cards
Chapter 3: External Environment
15 factors to consider in the ext...,
Underwriting cycle
2  cards
Chapter 4: Regulation
4 aims of regulation,
2 direct costs of regulation,
5 indirect costs of regulations
18  cards
Chapter 5: Introduction to financial products and customer needs
5 main types of products that an ...,
Customer needs can be desribed as 4,
Logical needs
11  cards
Chapter 6: Providers of benefits
4 main providers of benefits,
4 key roles of the state in relat...,
What benefits might the state pro...
11  cards
Chapter 7: Life Insurance products
Describe the benefit payable with...,
Describe the benefit payable with...,
Describe the benefit payable with...
23  cards
Chapter 8: General Insurance products
4 generic groups of general insur...,
5 main types of liability cover,
Main perils covered by employers ...
20  cards
Chapter 10: Contract Design
Contract factors,
Who are the parties in contract d...,
Needs of the client
18  cards
Chapter 11: Project Management
Features of a well run project,
Who would be in a project team,
What roles should the members of ...
7  cards
Chapter 12: Capital Project Appraisal
What is a capital project,
What are the main steps in a capi...,
Criteria that a project should sa...
13  cards
Chapter 13: Money Markets
3 main players in the money market,
Why would financial institutions ...,
Why wouldnt financial institution...
3  cards
Chapter 14: Bond Markets
4 main types of corporate bonds,
Yield curve,
What is the relationship between ...
14  cards
Chapter 15: Equity Markets
Ordinary share,
Advantages to holding listed rath...,
Why do share analysts tend to ana...
4  cards
Chapter 16: Property Markets
Direct property investment security,
Direct property investment yield,
Direct property investment spread
14  cards
Chapter 17: Futures and Options
Futures contract,
Long position,
Option premium
8  cards
Chapter 18: Collective Investment Schemes
Collective investment scheme,
2 types of collective investment ...,
Closed ended investment scheme
10  cards
Chapter 19: Overseas Markets
Why invest overseas,
How may overseas investments incr...,
How may overseas investments incr...
7  cards
Chapters 20 and 21: Economic and other influences on investment markets
Key factor affecting the supply o...,
Key economic factor affecting the...,
How might an expected cut in futu...
21  cards
Chapter 22: Relationship between the returns on asset classes
Define the required return on an ...,
The formula for the nominal requi...,
Define the expected return on an ...
6  cards
Chapter 23: Valuation of individual investments
8 methods of valuing assets,
Written up down book value,
Historic book value
15  cards
Chapter 24: Valuation of asset classes
Required return for conventional ...,
Required return for corporate bond,
Required return for equity
19  cards
Chapter 25: Investment Strategy - Institutions
How should an institutions invest...,
Examples of objectives of a pensi...,
Examples of what the word risk mi...
9  cards
Chapter 26: Investment Strategy - Individuals
Nature of an individuals liabilities,
Term of an individuals liabilities,
Currency of an individuals liabil...
12  cards
Chapter 27: Developing an investment strategy
2 principles of investment,
Define the net liability outgo fo...,
4 types of benefits
9  cards
Chapter 28: Developing an investment strategy II
What is active investment management,
What is passive investment manage...,
Which approach active passive wil...
20  cards
Chapter 29: Modelling
What is a model,
Where might the model come from a...,
9 requirements of a good model
22  cards
Chapter 30: Data
What are the main uses of policy ...,
What are the main sources of data,
Why might data be of poor quality...
17  cards
Chapter 31: Setting Assumptions
5 most important things to consid...,
4 examples of where historical da...,
4 examples of how current data ma...
10  cards
Chapter 32: Expenses
Expenses can be split into 4,
Fixed expenses,
Variable expenses
14  cards
Chapter 33: Pricing and Financing Strategies.
Cost of benefits,
Price of benefits,
What should the cost of benefits ...
11  cards
Chapter 34: Discontinuance
Underlying principle to consider ...,
How do you decide on which contra...,
What forms might the discontinuan...
14  cards
Chapter 35: Valuing Liabilities I
10 reasons why a provider calcula...,
2 reasons why a provider calculat...
16  cards
Chapter 36: Valuing Liabilities II
Describe the traditional discount...,
2 market related approaches to va...,
Asset based discount rate approach
11  cards
Chapter 37: Accounting
How should the published accounts...,
5 things to pay particular attent...,
Why is it difficult for a provide...
8  cards
Chapter 38: Surplus and Surplus Management
Surplus arising,
Sources of surplus to an insurer ...
14  cards
Chapter 39: Sources of Risk
4 financial risks,
2 non financial risks,
What is credit risk
29  cards
Chapter 40: Risks in Benefit Schemes
2 key risks to the sponsor of a b...,
2 key risks to the member of a be...,
What is the key risk to the state...
11  cards
Chapter 41: Pricing and insuring risks
Risk classification,
Once risks have been classified w...,
2 factors that a companys risk ap...
6  cards
Chapters 42 and 43: Risk Management Process
5 stages in the risk control cycle,
Risk control,
Under risk financing you would lo...
19  cards
Chapter 44: Risk Management Tools I
2 main types of reinsurance,
Key features of proportional rein...,
What is the difference between qu...
19  cards
Chapter 45: Risk Management Tools II
6 risk management tools,
How might you diversify business,
What is underwriting
8  cards
Chapter 46: Capital Management I
Why do individuals need capital,
Why do trading companies need cap...,
9 reasons why a provider of finan...
14  cards
Chapter 47: Capital Management II
2 main types of capital,
Solvency capital,
Economic capital
11  cards
Chapter 48: Monitoring
3 reasons why experience is monit...,
What are the conflicting objectiv...,
In order to model mortality or wi...
10  cards
Last minute Qs
4 sources of operational risk not...,
What is the incentive for self re...,
Corporate bonds security
65  cards

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