actuarial f103 - general insurance

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Chapter 0: Introduction to General Insurance
Actuarial roles within general in...,
Technical reserves,
2 types of technical liabilities
40  cards
Chapter 1: Insurance Products - Background (F203 Appx. 1)
3 conditions for a risk to be ins...,
6 criteria of insurable risk,
Uberrima fides
48  cards
Chapter 2: Insurance Products - Types (F203 Appx. 2)
Liability insurance,
Liability insurance claims are us...
141  cards
Chapter 4: Accounting: Methods and Interpretation
2 distinct methods used by genera...,
Annual or accident year accounts,
Funded or underwriting year accounts
53  cards
Chapter 5: Reinsurance products - background (F203 Appx. 3)
Define reinsurance,
Define retrocession,
Define cede
32  cards
Chapter 6: Reinsurance products - types (F203 Appx. 4)
Quota share,
Commissions payable under a quota...,
Return commission
43  cards
Chapter 7: Determining appropriate reinsurance (F203 Appx. 8)
Factors influencing the amount an...,
2 factors influencing reinsurance...,
3 causes of risk accumulations
20  cards
Chapter 8: General Insurance Markets
Reinsurance for insurance provide...,
Direct insurers,
3 groups of direct insurers
67  cards
Chapter 9: The External Environment
3 reasons why medical inflation c...,
3 components of personal injury c...,
Describe the underwriting cycle
24  cards
Chapter 10: Risk and Uncertainty (F203 Appx. 5)
2 main headings of uncertainties ...,
4 main headings of elements of ri...
32  cards
Chapter 11: Data
Actuaries need data for 3 main pu...,
2 main reasons lack off adequate ...,
2 main categories of data sources
49  cards
Chapter 12: Actuarial Investigations
6 steps involved in rating analyses,
Rating analyses estimating ultima...,
Rating analyses estimating profit...
79  cards
Chapter 13: Reasons for estimating reserves and different reserving bases
9 reasons for assessing a general...,
Define reserving basis,
Considerations when setting reser...
15  cards
Chapter 14: Best estimate reserves
2 important issues when presentin...,
Best estimate reserve,
In sam the best estimate is chara...
54  cards
Chapter 15: Quantifying uncertainty in reserves
9 random factors influencing the ...,
Heads of damage,
Further uncertainties in using hi...
42  cards
Chapter 16: Assessment of reserving results
The results of the reserving exer...,
2 approaches to analysing the res...,
16  cards
Chapter 17: Reinsurance reserving (F203 Appx. 9)
Data can be a problem particularl...,
7 factors to consider when groupi...,
5 main methods reserving for outw...
24  cards
Chapter 18: Rating Methodologies and Assumptions (F203 Appx. 6)
The rating methodology used will ...,
2 components of the risk premium,
5 components of the office premium
30  cards
Chapter 19: Methods of calculating the risk premium
Burning cost,
Burning cost premium bcp calculation,
Effective burning cost
57  cards
Chapter 20: Further Considerations When Rating (F203 Appx. 7)
9 requirements of good rating fac...,
Requirements of a rating factors ...,
Requirements of a rating factors ...
18  cards
Chapter 21: Investment principles and ALM
2 components of return to shareho...,
Primary objectives of investment,
The risk appetite of the insurer ...
40  cards
Chapter 22: Capital Modelling Methodologies
The aim of a capital model,
Available capital,
Required capital
72  cards
24ths method,
365ths method,
Accident year
264  cards
Q&A Bank Part 1
12 possible risk factors for a co...,
Domestic household insurance cover,
Domestic household insurance poss...
45  cards
Q&A Bank Part 2
5 reasons why persistency of busi...,
Explain why some classes of busin...,
5 problems for an insurer associa...
10  cards
Q&A Bank Part 3
Fundamental reason why statistica...,
12 possible sources of error when...,
List the circumstances in which a...
46  cards
QA Bank Part 4
12 factors affecting the number o...,
Define experience rating,
4 arguments supporting the use of...
7  cards
QA Bank Part 5
State the characteristics of an i...,
7 reasons why in practice the ass...,
Comment on the suitability of gov...
32  cards
Past papers 2014
Solvency margin,
What is meant by an insurer havin...,
Outline the ways in which reinsur...
36  cards
Past papers 2015
Profit commission,
Risks attaching basis,
Reinsurance contracts to which pr...
36  cards
Past papers 2016
Explain the effect that inadequat...,
Outline the measures a company co...,
Economic capital
33  cards
Past papers 2017
Reinstatement premium,
Credit insurance
27  cards
For data obtained from external s...,
Measures to mitigate the effects ...
2  cards

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