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General TCM diagnostics - system review
What are the eight parameters,
Comment on the following re exces...,
Comment on the following re hot v...
146  cards
major lung energetics
List the major points for the lun...,
What are the actions of lu1,
What are the actions of lu3
32  cards
General Meridian - special point groupings, meridian
Define jing jin,
Distinguishing factors of the jin...,
In which ways does jing jin attach
22  cards
Changes rate with the breathgoes ...,
Very very finevery very forceless...,
Feels smooth like pearls rolling ...
41  cards
What is the luo point on the lu c...,
What are the actions of shaoshang,
Which point is on the he sea poin...
32  cards
Large Intestines
Actions of wenliu,
Xing spring point on li,
Location of pianli
45  cards
Chengqi location,
Chengqi what is the risk to be ca...,
Sibai location
81  cards
Sp 4 gongsun location,
Sp 14 fujie location,
Sp 17 shidou location
48  cards
He 5 tongl actions,
He sea and ______ point of the he...,
He 7 shenmen location
25  cards
Meridian Final prep
Jing jin list the unique,
List the 15 luo ponts,
List the 4 seas
46  cards
Special Point Groupings
Xi cleft pt st,
Shu stream pt on st,
Luo pt on st
46  cards
Sm. Intestines
Si 1 shaoze location,
Jing well and __________ point of...,
Si 1 shaoze action
54  cards
Urinary Bladder - locations
Bl 1 jingming location,
Bl 2 z nzhu location,
Bl 3 meichong location
68  cards
Kidney - locations
Kid 1 y ngqu n,
Kid 2 rang,
Kid 3 taixi
27  cards
Pericardium - locations
P 1 tianchi,
P 2 tianquan,
P 3 quze
18  cards
Small Intestines 2
Clearing heat from the pathways o...,
Assisting in transforming phlegm ...,
Treating disorders of the breast
25  cards
SanJiao - Locations
Sj 1 guanchong,
Sj 2 yemen,
Sj 3 zhongzh
24  cards
Gall Bladder - Locations
Gb 1 tongz liao,
Gb 2 tinghui,
Gb 12 wang
24  cards
Liver - Locations
Liv 1 dadun,
Liv 2 xingjian,
Liv 3 taichong
14  cards
Urinary Bladder - Special pt groupings, Properties and clinical applications
What is the function of the bladder,
Taiyang channel is the most super...,
What do the points of the bladder...
79  cards
Tui Na Points
Jian qian xtra,
Jian nei ling,
Jian yu li15
37  cards

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