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Diabetic ketoacidosis
What is diabetic ketoacidosis,
Pathophysiology of ketoacidosis,
When is ketoacidosis seen
10  cards
Define infection,
Define sepsis,
Define septic shock
39  cards
Acute coronary syndrome
What is acute coronary syndrome,
How might acs present,
Differentials for mi
29  cards
Steps of anaphylaxis management,
Define anaphylaxis,
What is biphasic anaphylaxis
27  cards
Acute haemorrhage
Why might young patients not be t...,
Signs of abdominal bleeding on in...,
What causes cullens sign
39  cards
Major trauma
What forms the basis for the stan...,
What forms the initial assessment...,
What are the 5 key components of ...
89  cards
Head and spinal injury
Which type of head injury is most...,
Common causes of head injury,
Primary vs secondary brain injury
75  cards
What are the bone zones,
What are the types of burns,
What to ask when taking a burn hx
36  cards
Crush syndrome
What is crush syndrome,
Causes of crush syndrome,
Clinical features of crush syndrome
6  cards
What are the shockable rhythms,
What are the non shockable rhythms,
Patient is unresponsive not breat...
68  cards
Altered consciousness
Causes of altered conscious level,
Causes of altered mental status,
What to do when a patient present...
7  cards
What is syncope,
Types of syncope,
Behavioural causes of syncope
23  cards
Overdose and poisoning
Why is it so important not to mak...,
What should be referred to in the...,
Important to know when a patient ...
72  cards
Organ failure and referral
What does icu do,
Which patients go to icu,
Levels of care in the hospital
52  cards
Preoperative assessment
What are the types of anaesthesia...,
Risks of ga,
What is asa grading
15  cards
Intraoperative care
Why is it important to address an...,
Options for managing pain,
What is entonox
47  cards
A-E, ABG, consent
What is an a e assessment,
When do we do an a e assessment,
39  cards
Postoperative care
Outline differences between acute...,
Nociceptive vs neuropathic pain,
Physiology of pain
17  cards
What is rosc,
What is the in hospital mortality...,
What is post cardiac arrest syndrome
25  cards
Define shock,
How is shock recognised clinically,
Classification of shock
4  cards
Upper and lower limb injury
X ray principles,
How to describe a fracture,
How to describe a long bone fracture
136  cards
Asthma attack
0  cards

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