advanced higher biology: unit 1- cells and proteins

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Define genome,
Define proteome,
What is the proteome based on
107  cards
Isoelectric Point
When is a protein said to be at t...,
What do the combined charges of t...,
What is the charge of the protein...
8  cards
What is a centrifuge,
What does centrifugation allow,
What happens during centrifugation
5  cards
Protein Electrophoresis
How can gel electrophoresis separ...,
How does gel electrophoresis sepa...,
What is one form of protein elect...
5  cards
What does chromatography refer to,
What happens during the mobile phase,
When are the components of the mi...
7  cards
What do antibodies do,
What can antibodies be used to de...,
What must the antibody used in im...
4  cards
What does elisa,
What does elisa use,
What are the 3 forms of elisa
6  cards
Protein Blotting
What do antibodies used in protei...,
What happens after the proteins f...,
What happens to the membrane
3  cards
Describe what immunohistochemistr...,
Describe immunohistochemistry,
What is the advantage of immunohi...
3  cards
Monoclonal Antibodies
Scientists have found many uses f...,
How do you produce hybridomas,
What happens to the hybridomas af...
3  cards
Bright Field And Fluorescence Microscopy
What happens in bright field micr...,
What is often carried out on samp...,
What does fluorescence microscopy...
7  cards
What does a haemocytometer allow,
What does a haemocytometer resemble,
How do you use the haemocytometer
13  cards
Flow Cytometry
What does flow cytometry allow,
Describe flow cytometry,
What may be carried out on cells ...
4  cards
Liquids And Solutions
What does an autopipette allow,
Describe how an autopipette work,
What are burettes used to do
15  cards
Membrane Proteins
What does the phospholipid bilaye...,
What do transmembrane proteins do,
To perform specialised functions ...
18  cards
Detecting and amplifying an environmental stimulus
Some proteins are light sensitive...,
What are proteins which are light...,
What are the 3 domains photorecep...
25  cards
Communication within Multicellular Organisms
What are the 2 types of signallin...,
What do signalling systems ensure...,
What are receptor molecules of ta...
27  cards
Protein Control of Cell Division
What does a eukaryotic cell have,
What is important to note about t...,
What are the functions of the cyt...
53  cards

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advanced higher biology: unit 1- cells and proteins

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