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What are the goals of administeri...,
What are some types of adverse re...,
What is an ssi how is it defined
70  cards
Because herbals are fda regulated...,
What are classes 1 4 of herbal sa...,
____ of americans taking herbs___...
25  cards
Chemotherapy drugs
How do cancers differ,
How are cancers treated 3,
What are the different response c...
41  cards
What are the natural and syntheti...,
The receptors that are termed alp...,
The receptors that are termed bet...
41  cards
What are the two classes of anxio...,
Benzodiazepine pharmacokinetics,
What is alprazolam used for zanax
21  cards
Mood stabilizers and antiepileptics
What is the gold standard of bipo...,
Lithium pharmacokinetics,
How long does it take to become s...
19  cards
Neurodegenerative disease therapies
What are the goals of therapy for...,
How does levodopa,
Levodopa side effects
20  cards
Foods that can have in interactio...,
Medications that can have a life ...,
Herbals that can have an interact...
4  cards
What class does it belong to?
Trihexyphenidyl artane,
Carbidopa sinemet,
Bromocriptine parlodel
15  cards
Thiazide diureticsprototypesite o...,
When are thiazides hctz often use...,
Furosimidelocation of actiontimin...
14  cards
Lipid Lowering drugs
What is the normal physiologic ro...,
What are lipoproteins,
Order the density of lipoproteins...
47  cards
GI- Histamine/ PUD
What is histamine,
What does histamine do,
How do histamine antagonists work
30  cards
GI- Aspiration prophylaxis & PONV
What are antacids usually made of...,
What are the antacid agents avail...,
What medication is used for preop...
20  cards
What are the three major sites of...,
What are opioids used for in anes...,
What characteristics unique to op...
34  cards
Non-opioid analgesics
At what dose do asa and acetamino...,
How does acetaminophen work,
Acetaminophenpo doseiv dose
33  cards
How does the raas system work wha...,
Ace inhibitors are the first line...,
What is the moa of ace inhibitors
32  cards
Anti-hypertensives Part II
How does nitroglycerin cause meth...,
What are the cv effects of nitrog...
33  cards
Antiarrhythmic Agents
What are the phases of the action...,
How is sinus rhythm maintained,
What controls the sa node rate ho...
54  cards
Pharmacologic agents for Coronary Artery disease
How much coronary blood flow per ...,
What are the physiological factor...,
How is perfusion pressure to the ...
44  cards
Respiratory Agents
How do the sns and pns affect the...,
How do non adrenergic non choline...,
What different parts of the asthm...
40  cards
What clotting factors require vit...,
What does plasmin do,
For what reasons are anti coagula...
29  cards
Anticoagulants Part 2
How do direct thrombin inhibitors...,
Dabigatran pradaxa moause,
What are the adverse effects of da
27  cards
Identify the class
Pioglitazone actos
54  cards
Endocrine- DM
How is insulin released what is t...,
What is the moa of insulin,
What is normal endogenous insulin...
36  cards
Endocrine- Thyroid
2 pharmacological treatments for ...,
How long do ptu and methimazole t...,
More common side effects of ptu a...
17  cards
Endocrine- Corticosteroids
What are the natural and syntheti...,
Effects of mineralcorticoids,
Effects of glucocorticoids
20  cards
Endocrine- Glucagon, Octreotide, Vasopressin, Oral Contraceptives
What is glucagon,
Moa glucagon,
Clinical uses glucagon and dose
15  cards

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