advanced principles of anesthesia

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Week 1 - Increased ICP and Herniation
What are the divisions of the per...,
What are the two primary cell typ...,
What are the three components of ...
55  cards
Week 1 - Vascular Neurosurgical Disorders
What is the incidence of aneurysms,
What are the three types of aneur...,
What are the different size class...
55  cards
Week 2 - Neurosurgery / Stereotactic Neurosurgery and Sitting Craniotomies
What should be included in the pr...,
What are the features of a normal...,
What are preop anesthetic conside...
42  cards
Week 2 - Neuromuscular Disorder Anesthesia
Describe the steps of neuromuscul...,
How is ach broken down,
What is multiple sclerosis
47  cards
Week 2 - Stroke and Cerebrovascular Disease
What is the incidence of stroke,
What is the limbic system of the ...,
What is the circle of willis
33  cards
Week 3 - Spine Surgery Anesthesia
Describe the anatomy of the spina...,
What spinal cord nuclei are in th...,
What spinal cord nuclei are in th...
47  cards
Week 3 - Neuro Review
What determines icp under normal ...,
How does a brain tumor change icp,
What are the determinants of cere...
33  cards
Week 3 - Cardiac Rhythm Management Devices
What are the intrinsic rates of t...,
How do pacemakers function,
What are the two types of pacemak...
51  cards
Week 4 - Hematology and Anesthesia
What factor is synthesized by the...,
What is the basic outline of the ...,
Describe the vasoconstriction pha...
50  cards
Week 4 - Basics of Cardiac Sonography
What does aliasing in ultrasound ...,
What are the different views of a...,
What standard views are seen at e...
32  cards
Week 5 - Anesthetic Application of TEE
What five questions should you al...,
What are the indications for when...,
What are the indications for tee ...
11  cards
Week 5 - Anesthesia for Valvular Disease
Why is the atrial kick important,
What is the difference between co...,
What do broad and or notched p wa...
63  cards
Week 5 - Pediatric Congenital Heart Disorders
What are the functional shunts in...,
What changes occur after birth ca...,
What increases pulmonary vascular...
28  cards
Week 6 - Child Upper Respiratory Infection Management
What are the symptoms of an upper...,
How are uris diagnosed for a child,
What are the anesthetic complicat...
13  cards
Week 6 - Pediatric Caudal Epidurals
What are the indications for a ca...,
What are the contraindications fo...,
Describe the anatomy of the cauda...
15  cards
Week 7 - Cardiac Anesthesia
What is included in the preop eva...,
What are some common comorbiditie...,
What are the most important facto...
39  cards
Week 7 - Business of Anesthesia
What are the different types of p...,
What are base units for billing m...,
What are time units for billing m...
18  cards
Week 8 - Anesthesia for Thoracic Surgery
Define total lung capacity tlc wh...,
What increases and decreases tota...,
Define residual volume of the lungs
47  cards
Week 9 - FOCUS Cardiac Ultrasound
What is the first step to success...,
What can you use ultrasound for t...,
What is the ideal positioning for...
13  cards
Week 9 - Blood Gas Analysis
Why do we care about acid base ba...,
What is the carbonic acid bicarbo...,
What role does the kidneys play i...
33  cards
Week 10 - Pediatric Chronic and Acute Pain
What are the three types of pain,
What are the four stages of pain ...,
What is the transduction stage of...
41  cards
Week 10 - Pediatric Airway Considerations
How does the neonatal airway comp...,
What is significant about a highe...,
How is the epiglottis different i...
15  cards
Week 10 - Anesthesia for Vascular Disease
What is atherosclerosis,
What are the risk factors for ath...,
What is peripheral vascular disea...
35  cards
Week 11 - Endocrine
Where is the pituitary gland and ...,
What hormones does the anterior p...,
What is the releasing factor from...
62  cards
Week 11 - Trauma Anesthesia
When does 50 30 and 20 of death d...,
What is the key to providing care...,
What is the primary survey in tra...
28  cards
Week 12 - OB Physiology and Anesthetic Considerations
What maternal cardiovascular chan...,
How does maternal cardiac output ...,
What is supine hypotension syndro...
40  cards
Week 12 - Non-OB Surgery in the OB Patient
What are common causes for non ob...,
What are the maternal and fetal r...,
What are the goals objectives for...
15  cards
Week 13 - OB Complications
What are the risk factors for pre...,
What is preeclampsia,
What are the signs and symptoms o...
72  cards
Week 13 - One Lung Ventilation and Hypoxia Management
What are the different techniques...,
What are the typical sizes of dou...,
How much air is needed to seal th...
23  cards
Week 15 - Organ Donation
Who is alexis carrel,
Who is peter medawar,
What are the two methods of organ...
30  cards
Week 16 - OB
What are the pain pathways of lab...,
What four factors are critical to...,
What may poorly controlled pain i...
14  cards

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