aerospace systems

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Systems Engineering Lifecycle Processes
Define lifecycle,
Define lifecycle stage,
Define lifecycle process
6  cards
Aircraft hydraulic systems
What is the purpose of hydraulics,
What type of device generates and...,
What are the positives of hydraul...
11  cards
Hydraulic System Components
What is the role of piping in hyd...,
What is the role of hydraulics ac...,
Name types of hydraulic accumulators
8  cards
Aircraft Pneumatic Systems and Aircraft Environmental Control Systems
Which on board systems use pneuma...,
What is the main source of air fo...,
How does a compressor work and wh...
11  cards
Dangerous Weather Protection systems
Name all types of hazardous weath...,
What are the effects of ice build up,
What are the types of anti icing ...
4  cards
Aircraft Fuel Systems
What is the purpose of a fuel system,
What is needed to determine the s...,
What of mtow is fuel
11  cards
Aircraft Landing Gear
Name all components of the landin...,
What are the limits for the verti...,
Describe the working principle of...
5  cards
Landing Gear- Wheels, Brakes and Unconventional Landing Systems
What is the purpose of the wheels...,
What is the purpose of brake and ...,
What type of brakes do you know
6  cards
Electrical Systems
Which systems use electrical power,
Name at least one component of th...,
What types of currents are used o...
15  cards
Aircraft Flight Control Systems
What are the flight control surfa...,
What are the primary flight controls,
What are the secondary flight con...
15  cards
Flight and Nav Instruments
Name all 6 basic flight instruments,
Which instrument indicates pitch ...,
How does the altimeter work
11  cards
Flight management and Nav systems
What is the glass cockpit,
What is the autopilot,
How does radar work
6  cards
Reliability and Maintainability
What is reliability,
What is maintainability,
What is availability
7  cards
Intro to System Engineering
Define a system,
Define system engineering,
What is the pyramid of systems hi...
7  cards
System development and Decision making
What is system design methodology,
Name any 2 types of customer needs,
Name any 2 methods used for conce...
3  cards
System Engineering in Aerospace industry
Name any 4 on board systems,
From a safety and success stand p...,
What are the design specs for aer...
8  cards
Fluids and Fluid Systems
What is viscosity,
What is the dynamic and kinematic...,
What is vapour pressure
9  cards
Fluid Mechanics for Fluid Systems
What represents the pressure drop...,
What is the reynolds number,
What represents the hydraulic dia...
5  cards

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aerospace systems

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