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Compunding/ discounting Formulae
What does money weighted return s...
4  cards
What is sequencing risk and what ...
1  cards
Socially Reaponsible Investing
Explain difference between positi...,
Four drawbacks of socially respon...
2  cards
Equity Ratios For Investors - income
Dividend yield,
Dividend cover
6  cards
Equity Ratios For Investors - Growth
Price earnings p e ratio,
Price earnings growth peg,
Factors relating to price earning...
6  cards
Equity Ratio investor - Assess Risk
1  cards
Ratios For Co Acc re. debt
Gearing ratio
1  cards
Ratios For Accountnt About Cashlow
Current ratio working capital ratio,
Liquidity ratio quick or acid tes...
2  cards
Ratios: Profit Relative To Money Invested
Explain why roe and roce are used...
5  cards
Limitations To Ratio Analysis
Limitations to ratio analysis
1  cards
Rent A Room
Rules for rent a room relief
1  cards
Investment Advicd Process
Investment advice process 8,
What is the importance of asset a...,
Why would strategic and tactical ...
10  cards
6 benefits and 4 drawbacks of gol...,
Difference between physical and s...,
What are fettered and unfettered ...
10  cards
Behavioural Finance
What is behavioural finance,
Biases of behavioural finance,
Other biases
5  cards
Active / Passive Management
Passive market strategies,
3 types of tracker strategy,
Active management styles 2 types
16  cards
Investment theories
Basis of emh 7,
Three types of believers of the emh,
11  cards
Key factors to consider when...
Key factors when selecting a fund...,
Factors to consider in a review m...
2  cards
Direct Investments
Cash t bills features,
Cash certificates of deposit feat...
31  cards
Invesment Analysis
What is a composite benchmark 5
1  cards
Negative Operating Cash Flow / working capital
What is negative operating cash f...,
What is negative working capital 3
2  cards
Exchange Rates
What is a fixed exchange rate 3,
What is a floating exchange rate 2,
Four economic factors which could...
5  cards
Rights Issue
Reasons for a company to issue mo...,
Methods to raise capital via stoc...,
Options if deciding not to take u...
5  cards
Centralised Investment Process
Explain what is meant by a centra...,
Advantages of centraliaed investm...,
Disadvantages of centraliaed inve...
3  cards
Explain four risks of buy to let ...,
Costs associated with selling btl...,
Six reasons why a property fund m...
16  cards
Macro Econmics
4 ways in which a low boe base ra...,
Explain why low interest rates ma...,
Explain why boe may not raise int...
20  cards
Index Linked Gilts
How is the coupon calculated for ...,
Explain why an index linked gilt ...,
Disadvantages of index linked gil...
9  cards
Performance Analysis
What is meant by a funds alpha 4,
Alpha formula,
What is beta
18  cards
Fees chargeable if investing with...,
Four advantages of self selecting...,
Four advantages of a manager port...
8  cards
Hedge Funds
6 reasons not to invest in a hedg...,
Reasons to invest in etfs over a ...,
List four broad strategies of a h...
4  cards
Changes in vct legislation in nov...,
Four advantage of keeping hold of...,
Four disadvantages of keeping hol...
6  cards
Company Analysis
Why is revenue per employee impor...,
What is quality of earnings 4,
Ways for a company to return mone...
6  cards
Structure of investment trust 10 ...,
How can gearing in an investment ...,
Reasons for a premium of an inves...
11  cards
State the factors that determine ...,
For someone about to sell house f...,
What is a long future and what is...
7  cards

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