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101 Traditions, History
The battle of bladensburg,
The battle of new orleans,
The battle of belleau wood
95  cards
102 USMC Mission and Organization
Magtf concept,
Roles and functions of marines corps,
Magtf marine air ground task force
16  cards
103 Safety
Concept of orm,
5 steps of orm,
Discuss the requirements for ppe ...
10  cards
104 Administrative Fundamentals
Why are there two chains of comma...,
Service chain of command,
Operational chain of command
21  cards
105 Air Combat Element (ACE)
Purpose of marine corps aviation,
Explain the six functions and sub...,
Offensive air support
36  cards
106 Ground Combat Element
In what ways is 3d mardiv differe...,
Mission purpose of a marine division,
Name the types of regiments and b...
16  cards
107 Logistics Command Element
Mision of the marine logistics group,
Explain how an mlg is employed,
Name the battalions and major sub...
33  cards
108 Command Element
Discuss the function of the comma...,
Discuss the role and responsibili...,
Discuss the role and responsibili...
38  cards
109 Amphibious Operations
Discuss the mission and functions...,
State the sequence of events for ...,
Discuss the types of amphibious o...
20  cards
110 Force Protection
State the purpose of antiterroris...,
Discuss the force protection cond...,
Define the term deadly force
6  cards
111 General Combat Leadership
Explain the code of conduct,
Article 1of the code of conduct,
Article 2of the code of conduct
13  cards
112 USMC Operations
What is operational maneuver from...,
Discuss the principles of the ope...,
Ship to objective maneuver stom c...
14  cards
113 Environmental Awareness Fundamentals
Define hazardous material hazmat,
Definehazardous waste hazwaste,
Definematerial safety data sheet ...
6  cards
114 Communications
Discuss the following single chan...,
Discuss the following single chan...,
Discuss the following single chan...
9  cards
115 Weapons
Discuss the characteristics of th...,
Discuss the safety rules operatin...,
Weapons conditions
18  cards
116 Tactical Measures
Discuss camouflage cover and conc...,
Discuss the components of a five ...,
Discuss the size activity locatio...
8  cards
117 Land Navigation
Discuss the twelve parts of the l...,
Discuss the map features identifi...,
Discuss the map features below us...
7  cards
118 Marine Corps Planning Process
Discuss the following terms as th...,
Operational planning team opt,
Discuss the marine corps planning...
9  cards
119 First Aid and Field Sanitation
Name the 3 phases of tactical com...,
Describe the contents of an indiv...,
Name different methods for carryi...
13  cards
Name aircraft,
Identify photo,
Identify photo
35  cards
Discuss marine corps planning pro...,
Six functional areas of lce are,
Sequence of events for each of th...
25  cards
Need To Know Facts
The mlg provides ___________ and ...,
Mission of infantry regiment word...,
Uhf military uhf radio equipment ...
28  cards

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