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HISTORY - History of Planning Profession - FPK
First national planning conference,
First city planning course,
Wackers manual of the plan of chi...
29  cards
HISTORY- Key Planning Books - FPK
How the other half lives,
Tomorrow a peaceful path to real ...,
Wackers manual of the plan of chi...
15  cards
HISTORY - Key Planning Figures - FPK
Charles abrams,
Thomas adams,
Saul alinsky
21  cards
HISTORY - Planning Movements - FPK
City beautiful movement,
White city,
The mcmillan plan of 1901 for was...
14  cards
HISTORY - Land Settlement - FPK
The land ordinance of 1785,
The homestead act,
Morrill act
10  cards
HISTORY - Comprehensive Planning - FPK
The chicago plan of 1909,
First comprehensive plan,
Regional plan for new york and en...
6  cards
Law - FPK
1st amendment,
5th amendment,
14th amendment
51  cards
Patterns of Urban Development - FPK
Theories of urban development,
Concentric circle theory,
5 rings in concentric circle theory
10  cards
Theories of Planning Practice
Theories of planning practice,
The basic steps in rational plann...,
26  cards
A horizontal or flat organization,
Disadvantage of a horizontal flat...,
Vertical or hierarchical organiza...
20  cards
Ethical firewall,
Origin of ethical firewall,
1 under the aicp code of ethics a...
6  cards
Plan Making
3 parts of the plan making process,
Population of interest for a survey
24  cards
Qual/Quant Analysis
3 steps in the statistical process,
Nominal data,
Ordinal data
20  cards
2010 census mail response rate,
Urbanized area,
Urban cluster
18  cards
Spatial Analysis
Spatial data,
21  cards
Design charrette,
How does a charrette work,
Delphi method
16  cards
Site Analysis
Small scale map,
Large scale map,
3 basic map projections
19  cards
Environmental Impact Analysis
National environmental policy act...,
Environmental assessment,
Environmental impact statement eis
6  cards
Project & Program Mgmt
Cost benefit analysis,
Jules dupuit,
Cost effectiveness analysis
13  cards
Line item budgeting,
Planning programming budgeting sy...,
Components of planning programmin...
30  cards
Population Estimate
Linear method,
Exponential method,
Modified exponential method
9  cards
Economic Analysis
Economic base analysis,
Basic activities,
Non basic activities
25  cards
FIscal Impact Analysis
Fiscal impact analysis,
The most common form of fiscal im...,
Several methods for conducting a ...
8  cards
Comprehensive and Sectoral Planning
What constitutes a comp plan,
Comp plans are essentials to,
Basic steps of plan making for co...
10  cards
Land Use Regulations (Subdivision)
When did the first subdivision ap...,
14  cards
Land Use Regulations (Zoning)
What are the purposes of zoning,
Zoning can also do
29  cards
Sustainability Planning
Growth management,
Smart growth,
The smart growth network has esta...
10  cards
Trip generation,
Origin destination survey,
Cross tabulation models
37  cards
Adequate public facilities ordina...,
Apfo puts the burden on the,
11  cards
Hazards, Mitigation and Resiliency Planning
Four overlapping phases of respon...,
Major disaster
18  cards
Natural Resources and Environmental Quality
The first earth day was,
Rachel carson,
Metropolitan water district of so...
27  cards
Biomass energy,
Passive solar design,
Solar photovoltaic pv systems
8  cards
Economic Development & Urban Design
Multiplier effect,
Enterprise zones,
Context sensitive design csd
9  cards
The public health movement,
The first model tenement,
Tenement house act of 1867
34  cards
Parks & Rec
First national park,
National park service,
John muir
15  cards

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