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Composite Structures
The general definition of composites,
The description of composite stre...,
The part of a composite which pro...
86  cards
Transparent Plastics
The 2 types of transparent thermo...,
The two most common trade names o...,
Positive burn test for distinguis...
6  cards
DC Electrics
Simple dc electrical supply syste...,
What is a unipole dc electric air...,
What is a di pole dc electrical a...
6  cards
Jeppesen Sheet Metal
Name 5 methods of forming sheet m...,
What happens to the stem of a fri...,
The difference between cherry max...
18  cards
Rigging and Alignment
1  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 1 ( Aircraft Structural Assembly & Rigging)
What is the function of a vortex ...,
What are the three axes of an air...,
What are the three primary flight...
32  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 2 ( Sheet Metal Structures)
What is the major type of damage ...,
Name several methods for forming ...,
What are the dimensions of a prop...
39  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 3 ( Wood, Composite, Transparent Structures)
What are the three forms of wood ...,
What type of wood should be used ...,
Name at least four different type...
33  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 4 ( Welding )
Name the three principle types of...,
What are some of the advantages o...,
Which method of welding is less l...
21  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 5 (Aircraft Fabric Covering)
Aircraft covering fabric are made...,
How would you determine the stren...,
What two types of organic fibers ...
20  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 6 ( Aircraft Painting & Finishing)
Why is butyrate dope safer to use...,
What are two types of dope used f...,
What is the appearance of a blush...
20  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 7 ( Airframe Electrical Systems )
What could cause an ac electric m...,
What tool is used to check a moto...,
When using a growler what indicat...
23  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 8 (Hydraulic, Pneumatic Power Systems)
What materials form the bases of ...,
What colors denote mineral based ...,
What are the results of exposing ...
31  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 9 ( Aircraft Landing Gear)
What takes up the sucks of the la...,
What takes up the taxi shocks in ...,
How much oil should be put into a...
30  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 10 ( Position and Warning Systems)
What is an annunciator panel in a...,
Which device in an antiskid brake...,
Where are the skid detectors loca...
28  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 11 (Aircraft Instrument Systems )
What instruments in an aircraft a...,
What types of repairs or alterati...,
What is the significance of a red...
46  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 12 (Aircraft Avionics Systems)
0  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 13 ( Airframe Ice and Rain Control)
Why is it important that ice not ...,
Are pneumatic deicer boots operat...,
Where does the air come from to o...
35  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 14 (Cabin Atmosphere Control Systems )
What are the two main gasses that...,
Why are the cabins of most turbin...,
Where does the pressurizing air c...
46  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 15 ( Aircraft Fuel Systems)
What are two reasons prist is add...,
What are two types of fuel cells ...,
Why are fuel tanks divided into c...
39  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 16 (Fire Protection Systems)
Does a thermocouple fire detectio...,
Does a thermal switch fire detect...,
What type of fire extinguishing a...
36  cards
Jeppesen Oral- Chapter 17 (Aircraft Airworthiness Inspection )
What must the mechanic furnish th...,
Where can you find the recommende...,
Under what conditions can an airc...
32  cards

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