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Ch 1 Intro to EMS
911 system,
A physician who assumes ultimate ...
11  cards
Ch 2 Well-Being of the EMT
The organisms that cause infectio...,
A strict form of infection contro...,
Equipment that protects the ems w...
10  cards
Ch 3 Lifting and Moving Patients
The proper use of the body to fac...,
A lift from a squatting position ...,
Gripping with as much hand surfac...
8  cards
Ch 4 Medical, Legal, and Ethical Issues
A set of regulations and ethical ...,
For an emt providing care for a s...,
Permission from the patient for c...
27  cards
Ch 5 Medical Terminology
A word formed from two or more wh...,
Foundation of a word that is not ...,
A word root with an added vowel t...
32  cards
Ch 6 Anatomy and Physiology
The study of body structure,
The study of body function,
The wing shaped plate of cartilag...
131  cards
Ch 7 Principles of Pathophysiology
The study of how disease processe...,
The cellular function of converti...,
A substance that when dissolved i...
25  cards
Ch 8 Life Span Development
Stage of life from birth to 1 yea...,
A response to being startled in w...,
A grasping reflex in which an inf...
16  cards
Ch 9 Airway Management
The passageway by which air enter...,
An airway that is open and clear ...,
The level of the vocal cords that...
11  cards
Ch 10 Respiration and Artificial Ventilation
Breathing in and out or artificia...,
The amount of air that reaches th...,
A process by which molecules move...
26  cards
Ch 11 Scene Size-Up
Steps taken when approaching the ...,
The area around the wreckage of a...,
A force or forces that may have c...
7  cards
Ch 12 Primary Assessment
Steps taken for the purpose of di...,
Actions taken to correct or manag...,
Impression of the patient s condi...
10  cards
Ch 13 Vital Signs and Monitoring Devices
Outward signs of what is going on...,
The rhythmic beats felt as the he...,
The number of pulse beats per minute
27  cards
Ch 14 Principles of Assessment
Information gathered regarding th...,
A question requiring more than ju...,
A question requiring only a yes o...
11  cards
Ch 15 Secondary Assessment
A patient with one or more medica...,
A patient suffering from one or m...,
Information gathered regarding th...
15  cards
Ch 16 Reassessment
A procedure for detecting changes...,
Changes in a patient s condition ...
2  cards
Ch 17 Communication and Documentation
Setup with two way radios at a fi...,
A two way radio that is used or a...,
The unit of measurement of the ou...
8  cards
Ch 18 General Pharmacology
The study of drugs their sources ...,
A medication used to reduce the c...,
A form of glucose a kind of sugar...
16  cards
Ch 19 Respiratory Emergencies
An active process in which the in...,
Another term for inspiration,
A passive process in which the in...
6  cards
Ch 20 Cardiac Emergencies
The heart and the blood vessels,
A blanket term used to represent ...,
Another name for acute coronary s...
18  cards
Ch 21 Resuscitation
A state in which the heart is no ...,
A metaphor that describes the key...,
Delivery of an electrical shock t...
16  cards
Ch 22 Diabetic Emergencies and Altered Mental Status
Series of neurologic circuits in ...,
A form of sugar the body s basic ...,
A hormone produced by the pancrea...
17  cards
Ch 23 Allergic Reaction
An exaggerated immune response,
Something that causes an allergic...,
A severe or life threatening alle...
6  cards
Ch 24 Infectious Diseases and Sepsis
Diseases that can be spread by ba...,
Diseases that can be passed from ...,
A life threatening condition resu...
3  cards
Ch 25 Poisoning and Overdose Emergencies
Any substance that can harm the b...,
A poisonous substance secreted by...,
Poisons that are swallowed
16  cards
Ch 26 Abdominal Emergencies
The membrane that lines the abdom...,
Covers the organs,
Attached to the abdominal wall
8  cards
Ch 27 Behavioral and Psychiatric Emergencies and Suicide
The manner in which a person acts,
When a patient s behavior is not ...,
Chemicals within the body that tr...
6  cards
Ch 28 Hematologic and Renal Emergencies
Loss of the normal ability to for...,
Deficiency in the normal number o...,
An inherited disease in which pat...
14  cards
Ch 36 Obstetric and Gynecologic Emergencies
Soft tissues that protect the ent...,
The surface area between the vagi...,
Soft tissue that covers the pubic...
38  cards
Ch 37 Emergencies for Patients with Special Challenges
A physical emotional behavioral o...,
The branch of medicine that deals...,
A condition of having too much bo...
17  cards
Ch 29 Bleeding and Shock
The supply of oxygen to and remov...,
The body s inability to adequatel...,
Another name for hypoperfusion
18  cards
Ch 30 Soft-Tissue Trauma
The outer layer of the skin,
The inner second layer of the ski...,
The layers of fat and soft tissue...
23  cards
Ch 31 Chest and Abdominal Trauma
Fracture of two or more adjacent ...,
Movement of ribs in a flail segme...,
A penetrating chest wound in whic...
6  cards
Ch 32 Musculoskeletal Trauma
The portions of the skeleton that...,
Hard but flexible living structur...,
Places where bones articulate or ...
20  cards
Ch 33 Trauma to the Head, Neck, and Spine
Provides overall control of thoug...,
The brain and spinal cord,
The nerves that enter and exit th...
32  cards
Ch 34 Multisystem Trauma
More than one serious injury,
One or more injuries that affect ...,
A system of evaluating trauma pat...
3  cards
Ch 35 Environmental Emergencies
The transfer of heat from one mat...,
Chilling caused by conduction of ...,
Carrying away of heat by currents...
18  cards
Ch 38 EMS Operations - no vocab
1  cards
Ch 39 Hazardous Materials, MCIs, and Incident Management
Any substance or material in a fo...,
Area immediately surrounding a ha...,
Area where personnel and equipmen...
23  cards
Ch 40 Highway Safety and Vehicle Extrication - no vocab
1  cards
Ch 41 EMS Response to Terrorism
The unlawful use of force or viol...,
Terrorism directed against one s ...,
Terrorism that is purely foreign ...
16  cards

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