alberta welding 1st year

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Submerged Arc Welding (SAW)
Saw stands for,
Describe and explain the principl...,
What positions can saw be used in
20  cards
Wire feed welding shielding gases
State the primary purpose of a sh...,
When oxygen and nitrogen from the...,
Which gas is the lightest a hydro...
22  cards
Wire Feed Weldong Filler Metals And Feeders
The composition of the base metal...,
Which organizations have written ...,
When added to er70s 2 silicon alu...
26  cards
GMAW FCAW and MCAW groove welds
What are two advantages of using ...,
What is the root pass and where i...,
The electrode wire type is select...
13  cards
Aluminum and Aluminum Welding
Which metal is lighter than alumi...,
Aluminum is a reactive metal what...,
Aluminum has a refractory oxide w...
33  cards
Wire Feed Welding Equipment Power Sources
What colour should your protectiv...,
Is it advisable to weld with any ...,
The use of shielding gases when u...
28  cards
wire welding maintenance and troubleshooting
Ideally a welding power source sh...,
It is important to have wire guid...,
The installation of a power sourc...
30  cards
GMAW on mild steel
Is it necessary to remove scale a...,
Describe a stringer bead,
How should you lay beads when sur...
24  cards
FCAW and MCAW on mild steel
Is it necessary to remove oil and...,
Describe how to execute a weave bead,
Changing the angle of the electro...
18  cards
Plasma arc cutting and gouging
What is plasma,
In plasma arc cutting plasma is t...,
The plasma arc cutting processa c...
19  cards
GMAW FCAW and MCAW on mild steel pipe
What are the three important dime...,
Are the following statements rega...,
What does the term schedule refer...
12  cards
GMAW on Aluminum
Up to what length of contact tip ...,
List 3 advantages of using gmaw o...,
Which aluminum filler metal is no...
20  cards
Safety Legislation Regulations and Industry Policy in the trades
What part and section of the ohs ...,
What part and section of the ohs ...,
What part and section of the ohs ...
21  cards
Climbing Lifting Rigging and Hoisting
What standard must a full body ha...,
How often must you inspect your f...,
What is the minimum distance a la...
13  cards
Hazardous Materials and Fire Protection
Who is responsible for providing ...,
Employers are responsible to a pr...,
Suppliers of control products are...
16  cards
Welding Safety
Permanent eye damage in the form ...,
What type of radiant energy can c...,
What must be done when the genera...
29  cards
A fraction with a numerator small...,
A fraction with a numerator equal...,
A mixed number consist ofa proper...
20  cards
Hand Tools
It is dangerous to use chisels th...,
A cold chisel that has a mushroom...,
Why should file handles be on fil...
22  cards
Power Tools
Guards on bench grinders should c...,
The gap between the tourist and t...,
A grinding wheel is classified by...
28  cards
Oxyfuel Cutting
Describe the oxy fuel cutting pro...,
What two ferris based models cann...,
When a piece of metal is cut it c...
23  cards
Drawing Interpretation
The type of line used to show an ...,
A break line is used toa show whe...,
The two main types that are usual...
23  cards
This term describes a noisy uncon...,
This term describes the influence...,
This is the fundamental unit of e...
28  cards
Metal Identification
Ferrous metal has a high continen...,
Which statement describes a non f...,
A metal that is red or yellow is ...
29  cards
Heat Treatment
The extent of the change of the g...,
Which of the listed heat treatmen...,
Temperature refers to the a inten...
29  cards
Joints and weld types
Five basic types of joints are a ...,
Butt joint is a welder joint or t...,
The four main types of welds area...
17  cards
Temperature expressed in degrees ...,
The term heat expressesa quantity...,
What is a common cause of distort...
22  cards
Weld Faults
Cutting a notch into both ends of...,
Notch affect in the world has str...,
Tapered transition ratio of 3 to ...
13  cards
What does the term hard facing me...,
Machinery parts that are subjecte...,
What is the major advantage of ha...
25  cards

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