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Exam 2
Where are the cell bodies located...,
Which cranial nerves are extensio...,
Which layer of facia in the neck ...
180  cards
you got this
70  cards
The superior and inferior salivar...,
The nucleus ambiguous supplies what,
The dorsal nucleus of the vagus n...
28  cards
Lecture 31 - Pharynx and Larynx
What are the three functions of t...,
What are the four cartilages of t...,
What is the paired set of cartila...
74  cards
The larynx is continuous with the...,
The larynx is located at vertebra...,
What are the 3 functions of the l...
48  cards
CN VII and VIII (Facial and Vestibulocochlear Nerves)
The facial nerve cn vii is derive...,
The facial nerve arises from the ...,
The motor portion of the facial n...
53  cards
The external ear consists of what...,
The auricle contains an elastic c...,
What is the blood and nerve suppl...
41  cards
Lecture 34 - Ears
What are the three parts of the ear,
What is the inner ear within,
What is the middle ear within
65  cards
Lecture 27 - Neuroanatomy of Visual Pathway
What is the pathway of light,
What is light captured by in the eye,
What are the names of the photore...
34  cards
Lecture 26 - Cranial nerve nuclei
What are the four major component...,
What cn nuclei are in the midbrain,
What cn nuclei are in the pons
40  cards
Lecture 24 - Orbit I
What is the ligament that forms t...,
What are the four regions of the ...,
What are the components of the orbit
49  cards
Lecture 25 - Orbit II
What cranial nerves are in the orbit,
What is cn ii,
What is cn iii
40  cards
Lecture 23 - Face and Parotid Region
What do the parotid glands lay ca...,
What are the parotid glands assoc...,
What part of the vertebrae does t...
60  cards
Lecture 21 - Skull and Cranial Nerves I
What is the neurocranium,
What is the function of the neuro...,
What is the facial skeleton called
46  cards
Lecture 22 - Skull and Cranial Nerves II
What is cn i,
What information does cn i carry,
What are the three parts of the o...
41  cards
Lecture 20 - External anatomy of the Brain
What do mammalian brains have mor...,
What are convolutions related to,
What do the convolutions do
60  cards
Lecture 17 - The Neck I
Where is the thoracic inlet,
What is the primary function of t...,
What does the vertebral column ar...
53  cards
Lecture 18 - The Neck II
What is the primary blood supply ...,
Where does the supplemental suppl...,
What is the artery of common orig...
65  cards
Lecture 35 - Vestibular system
What is the task of the auditory ...,
What are three sections of the me...,
What is the function of the utricles
39  cards
Lecture 32 - Oral Cavity
What makes up the oral cavity proper,
What are the three layers of the ...,
What is major distinction between...
66  cards
Lecture 29 - Nasal Cavity
What foramen are present in the p...,
What nerve artery is involved in ...,
What does the maxillary foramen g...
47  cards
Lecture 30 - Nasal Cavity II
What are the three paranasal sinuses,
What is the fake sinus in some an...,
In the dog and cat what is the mo...
44  cards
Lecture 28 - Temporal fossae
What does slicing involve,
What bony structures make up the tmj,
What divides the tmj into ventral...
68  cards
Triangles of the Neck 1
What is the superior attachment t...,
What is the inferior attachment t...,
What is the lateral attachment to...
56  cards
Triangles of the Neck 2
What nerves are found in the caro...,
What makes up the muscular triang...,
This nerve found in the carotid t...
55  cards
Triangles of the Neck 3
The anterior boundary of the root...,
The posterior boundary of the roo...,
Subclavian vessels vertebral arte...
58  cards
Face and Scalp
All the muscles of facial express...,
This muscle of facial expression ...,
This muscle of facial expression ...
64  cards
Temporal Region and Parotid Gland
What is the artery vein and nerve...,
What is the artery vein and nerve...,
What is found on anterior border ...
43  cards
Infratemporal Region
For the infratemporal fossa name ...,
Foramina spinosum and oval are fo...,
What are the contents of the infr...
43  cards
Interior of The Skull
A midline ridge frontal crest on ...,
Frontal crest terminates at the b...,
Parietal bones have grooves from ...
101  cards
CN V (Trigeminal Nerve)
The caudal part of the brain is r...,
A ___ is a cluster of functionall...,
This trigeminal nerve nucleus is ...
74  cards
Mouth and Tongue
The oral cavity opens anteriorly ...,
What are the boundaries of the or...,
This is the space between the tee...
48  cards

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