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Microtubule anterograde,
Which part of the cell is respons...,
Microtubule retrograde
23  cards
Nerve ending responsible for ligh...,
Nerve ending responsible for pres...,
Atlanto occipital joint
42  cards
Griffith s point,
Congenital hypertrophy of pigment...,
Ima and sma anastomosis
40  cards
Female Reproductive
Mc site of vaginal clear cell ca,
Mc site of vaginal scc,
Radical mastectomy involves excis...
7  cards
All muscles of the palate are sup...,
All muscles of the tongue are sup...,
All muscles of the pharynx are su...
35  cards
Hepatobiliary + Other Organs
What is the result of the penetra...,
What is the structure covering th...,
What gallbladder stone is associa...
18  cards
Where are rotter s nodes located,
Breast cancer metastases spread v...,
What pertains to thrombophlebitis...
5  cards
Beck s tamponade triad is compose...,
Rib notching is seen in what cond...,
What is the most common site of a...
11  cards
What is the nerve affected in ben...,
What is the first bone to ossify,
What is the major supinator of th...
49  cards
Where is chest tube thoracostomy ...,
What are the access used in placi...,
Where is liver biopsy done
22  cards
Corkscrew appearance,
Bird s beak,
Lead pipe colon on barium enema
23  cards
Final ditch
Waldeyer s ring is located at the,
Abduction of the vocal cords,
Arnold s nerve is a branch of the
10  cards

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