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Emergency Medicine - Pediatrics
Fracture of distal radius,
Are fractures or sprains more com...,
Salter harris classication of fra...
44  cards
Pestana Trauma
Four signs of basilar fracture,
Six steps of epidural hematoma wh...,
Medical management of increased i...
68  cards
Pestana PeriOp Care
What is the greatest cardiac risk...,
What is the greatest pulmonary ri...,
What are the predictors of hepati...
30  cards
Pestana General Surgery
A patient presents with burning r...,
Dysplastic changes of the esophag...,
A women presents with chrushing p...
108  cards
Pestana Pediatric Surgery
A newborn who begins excessively ...,
What is the major constellation o...,
Treatment for imperforate anus ti...
17  cards
Pestana Orthopedics
A newborn has uneven gluteal fold...,
A 6 year old presents with limpin...,
A 13 year old boy presents with g...
65  cards
Pestana Cardiothoracic/Vascular
How are morphological cardiac ano...,
Atrial septal defects what is oft...,
A newborn presents with stridor a...
33  cards
What is a clean wound infection rate,
What is a clean contaminated woun...,
What is a contaminated wound infe...
4  cards
Pestana Skin Surgery
What is the most common skin cancer,
What is the diagnostic test for a...,
A fair skinned white surfer prese...
7  cards
What is amblyopia most common cause,
A child who is cross eyed has wha...,
A baby presents with a white pupi...
30  cards
Pestana Urology
A young boy presents with sudden ...,
A teenage man presents with sudde...,
A urology patient who has been se...
27  cards
Pestana Neurosurgery
What are the two most common loca...,
A patient complained that earlier...,
A patient with a history of htn p...
17  cards
Pestana Transplantation
What is the only absolute contrai...,
Pathophysiology of hyperacute rej...,
Signs of acute liver rejection wh...
6  cards
Shocky mvc patient receives 1l of...,
What is kehr sign cause injury to...,
Class i hemorrhage classification...
40  cards
If a patient has received a compl...,
If a patient has not received a c...,
In blunt abdominal trauma what ar...
25  cards
Gcs score breakdown eyes,
Gcs score breakdown verbal,
Gcs score breakdown motor
32  cards
Ramahi Peri op, Electrolytes, Burns, Heme.
Absolute contraindications to sur...,
Nutritional contraindications to ...,
Liver failure contraindications t...
38  cards
Ramahi Trauma, Lungs, Upper GI
Gcs of what requires intubation,
If oral nasal airway obstructed h...,
Hemothorax is what color on xray ...
30  cards
Ramahi Murmur Buzzwords
Systolic ejection murmur cresc de...,
Systolic ejection murmur louder w...,
Late systolic murmur w click loud...
11  cards
Ramahi Liver, Lower GI
If ast 2x alt,
If ast alt in the 1000s,
Ast and alt high after surgery bl...
21  cards
What are the perc criteria 8,
Wells criteria,
Vt or vf cardiac arrest drugs
9  cards
Stitelman Shelf Review
A tachycardic febrile patient pre...,
If you notice foot drop and the d...,
How can you tell if an anesthetic...
41  cards
Emergency Medicine - Abdominal Pain
Normal size of abdominal aorta si...,
Classic triad of aaa signs of lea...,
A history of atrial fibrillation ...
10  cards
Emergency Medicine - Altered Mental Status
Delirium onset course vitals phys...,
Dementia onset course vitals phys...,
Psychosis onset course vitals phy...
35  cards
Emergency Medicine - Chest Pain
Unstable angina,
Stable angina,
Substernal chest discomfort 15min...
48  cards
Emergency Medicine - History Of EMS
Who funds ems,
Who sets the ems curriculum,
Who wrote the first textbook abou...
7  cards
Emergency Medicine - Intro to Ultrasound
Effect of incr wavelength,
Effect of increased frequency,
How do you make us image brighter
12  cards
Emergency Medicine - Neurologic Emergencies
Classic sx of acute bacterial men...,
Causes of acute bacterial meningitis,
Classic sx of acute bacterial men...
19  cards
Emergency Medicine - Vagina Problems
What are the four steps to workin...,
Most common pelvic infection,
Easiest test for pelvic infection
31  cards
Emergency Medicine - RUQ Pain
What are you looking for with a h...,
Roll of morphine with hida scan,
Role of cck administration
9  cards
Emergency Medicine - Shock
0  cards
Emergency Medicine - Toxicology
Drugs that cause bradycardia,
Drugs that cause htn,
Causes of conjugate eye deviation...
30  cards
Emergency Medicine - Pediatric Injuries
Most commonly injured body part i...,
Wadell triad most common mechanis...,
A 2 year patient who is brought i...
16  cards
Lauren Pretest/USMLE world
What should you check for with bl...,
Consequence of aortoiliac occulsi...,
What do you think of with blood i...
42  cards

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