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Chapter 1 Exploring the Network
What are the network infrastructu...,
What is an end device 1212,
What is an intermediary device 1213
24  cards
Chapter 2 Configuring a Network Operating System
What is a router 2011,
What is a switch 2011,
What is a wireless access point 2011
27  cards
Chapter 3 Network Protocols and Communications
What is the layers of the osi mod...,
What is the tcp ip model 3244,
What is the protocol data unit pd...
10  cards
Chapter 4: Network Access
What is synchronous signaling,
What is asynchronous signalling,
What is bandwidth 4132
35  cards
Chapter 5: Ethernet
Who was robert metcalfe,
What is alohanet,
The first ethernet standard was p...
15  cards
Chapter 6: Network Layer
What is the routing table c l s d...,
What is the command line to outpu...,
What is the default route for ipv4
11  cards
Chapter 7: Transport Layer
What is the transport layer 7111,
What is the primary responsibilit...,
What protocol does http ftp telne...
19  cards
Chapter 8: IP addressing
What the rfc 1918 private address...,
What is the loopback address 8143,
What is the local link address ap...
10  cards
Chapter 9: Subnet Masking
Does two subnet require a router ...,
What are the two standards for ip...,
What is the formula to calculate ...
3  cards
Chapter 4 1220 Routing
What does a router do 4011,
What does a router use to move pa...,
What is random access memory ram ...
30  cards
Chapter 10: Application layer
What are 10 types application lay...,
What is peer to peer p2p 10122,
What are the 3 common messages fo...
14  cards
Chapter 11: It's a network
What are 4 types of security thre...,
What is a hardware threat 11212,
What is a environmental threat 11212
38  cards
Quiz Chp 3:
Which message delivery option is ...,
Which two components are added to...,
What type of delivery uses data l...
14  cards
Final Review Questions
What is the router boot order,
What is the router process order,
What are the 7 layers of the ios ...
54  cards
Final Exam Awake Questions
What is a converged network ch 2,
What are an intranet extranet ch 2,
What are the 4 basic characterist...
48  cards

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