ane 8509 principles of anesthesia i

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Exam 1- Neuraxial Principles Pre-Test
What is the outermost layer surro...,
The dural sac terminates at what ...,
What are the cardio accelerator n...
19  cards
Exam 1- Neuraxial Principles (5/30/23)
What are the two major components...,
What are the two components of ce...,
Will you expect to see csf during...
89  cards
Exam 1- Neuraxial Principles (6/1/23)
What adjunct agents are lipophili...,
Besides respiratory depression an...,
Which opioids are the best adjunc...
67  cards
Exam 1- Neuraxial Principles (6/5/23)
What mechanism causes hypothermia...,
What equipment should always be i...,
Will a bair hugger work for neura...
88  cards
Exam 1- Neuraxial Principles (6/6/23)
What are the benefits of epidural...,
What are the disadvantages of epi...,
What are the indications of epidu...
54  cards
Exam 1- Clinical Monitoring and Capnography Pre-test
Continuous monitoring is required...,
In a healthy adult what is the ap...,
During an allen s test what is th...
11  cards
Exam 1- Clinical Monitoring (6/8/23)
Aana monitoring standards oxygena...,
Aana monitoring standards ventila...,
Aana monitoring standards for
89  cards
Exam 1- Clinical Monitoring (6/12/23)
What are the two sampling sites d...,
What type of gas sampling system ...,
Which gas sampling system will ha...
97  cards
Exam 1- Capnography (6/13/23)
Effects of hypercarbia,
Effects of hypocarbia,
Capnography provides information ...
43  cards
Exam 2- Positioning and Breathing System Pre-Test
The preferred location of the fre...,
Which potential injuries are asso...,
Which is most likely to occur wit...
11  cards
Exam 2- Positioning (6/15/23)
What is the most common surgical ...,
What are the pathophysiological c...,
Describe arm abduction
42  cards
Exam 2- Acid-Base Disorders (6/22/23)
In order to ensures optimal funct...,
What causes acidemia,
What causes alkaemia
62  cards
Exam 2- Breathing System I (6/26/23)
What are the six functions defini...,
What are the six desirable charac...,
Name and describe the four classi...
70  cards
Exam 2- Breathing Systems II (6/27/23)
What is a mapleson circuit,
How many types of mapleson circui...,
What are the components of the ma...
106  cards
Exam 3- Airway Equipment Pre-Test
When placing a left sided double ...,
Select the disadvantage that can ...,
Which airway device would be reco...
9  cards
Exam 3- Airway Equipment I (6/29/23)
This airway equipment allows gas ...,
The administration of oxygen befo...,
What are the three components to ...
51  cards
Exam 3- Airway Equipment II (7/6/23)
Describe the components of the la...,
Which hand should handle the lary...,
Source of power for the laryngosc...
120  cards
Exam 3- Compressed Gases and Vaporizers (7/10/23)
Psi stands for,
Where were examples of gases that...,
A liquified gas can become a liqu...
90  cards
Exam 3- Anesthesia Machine I (7/11/23)
What group oversees the standards...,
What should the anesthesia machin...,
What features of the anesthesia w...
42  cards
Exam 3- Anesthesia Machine II (7/13/23)
A ventilator is an automatic devi...,
On the anesthesia workstation ven...,
What features were missing from t...
65  cards
Final- Anesthesia for Genitourinary Procedures (7/18/23)
Indications for urological surgery,
List the structures of the genito...,
What position will the patient be...
100  cards
Final- Ultrasound (7/24/23)
When was ultrasound first used in...,
Advantages of ultrasound,
Ultrasound waves travel between t...
32  cards
Final- Central Line Principles (7/24/23)
Where can central lines central v...,
Indications for central lines,
Contraindications for central lines
20  cards
Final- Perioperative Fluid Therapy (7/25/23)
What percentage of total body wei...,
What are the two main compartment...,
What are the different compartmen...
95  cards
Final- Regional Neuroanatomy Part 1
The positional word that means ne...,
A positional word that means at o...,
128  cards
Final- Regional Neuroanatomy Part 2
What provides motor and sensory i...,
What spinal nerves contribute to ...,
What spinal nerves contribute to ...
61  cards
Final- Regional Neuroanatomy Part 3
Name all twelve cranial nerves in...,
What are the pure motor cranial n...,
What are the pure sensory cranial...
37  cards

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