anesthesia pharm (spring 2023)

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Introduction to Anesthesia Pharmacology (Exam I)
Does general anesthesia by defini...,
How arousable would one be with t...,
How arousable would one be with t...
52  cards
Pharmacokinetics/Pharmacodynamics (Exam I)
What does tte mean in regards to ...,
Receptors are usually __________,
Almost all drugs are reversible e...
62  cards
Benzodiazepines (Exam I)
Differentiate sedatives and hypno...,
When is anesthesia awareness most...,
What is the mechanism for less ee...
77  cards
Preoperative Medications (Exam I)
What cells release endogenous his...,
What physiological mechanisms occ...,
What drugs can induce histamine r...
87  cards
Induction Drugs (Barbs & Propofol) (Exam II)
What organs utilize the most bloo...,
What are the one word summaries o...,
What reflexes are we suppressing ...
77  cards
Induction Drugs (Etomidate & Ketamine) (Exam II)
In general thiobarbiturates are m...,
What is unique about etomidate s ...,
When is etomidate water soluble v...
63  cards
Pain Pathways (Exam II)
Differentiate the sensory discrim...,
What is nociception,
What are the four stages of pain ...
49  cards
Opioids Agonists (Exam II)
What are opioids effects on the c...,
Differentiate opioids from narcotics,
What two types of opioid chemical...
73  cards
Opioid Agonist-Antagonists & Antagonists (Exam II)
What is the primary indication fo...,
Name the four advantages of opioi...,
How potent is pentazocine
50  cards
MAGA (Brooke's Deck, Exam II)
What enzyme catalyzes the synthes...,
This form of cox is responsible f...,
Cox 1 or cox 2 ubiquitous physiol...
60  cards
Inhaled Anesthetics Part 1 (Exam III)
What is boyle s law what applicat...,
What is fick s diffusion law as i...,
What factors is diffusion depende...
83  cards
Inhaled Anesthetics Part 2 (Exam III)
What are the purposes of the anes...,
What types of gas delivery system...,
What type of system is depicted b...
112  cards
Volatile Gas Physical Properties (Exam III)
What are the following properties...,
What are the following properties...,
What are the following properties...
6  cards
NMBDs: Physiology/Succinylcholine (Exam III, Andy's Cards)
Which of the following is the new...,
Why was rapacurium raplon discont...,
The effect of nmbd is to interrup...
95  cards
NMBDs: Non-depolarizing (Exam III) Stephen's Cards
What are the 4 main differences b...,
What is the moa of non depolarizi...,
Which type of neuromuscular block...
60  cards
NMBD Reversal Agents (Exam IV)
How long generally until nmj bloc...,
Do ache inhibitors work with deep...,
Reversal of nmj blockade is depen...
39  cards
Local Anesthetics I (Exam IV) Andy's Cards
What was the first local anesthetic,
What was the first local anesthetic,
What was cocaine first used for a...
100  cards
Local Anesthetics III (Exam IV)
How rare are local anesthetic rea...,
What local anesthetic class is re...,
What local anesthetic class is re...
61  cards
Anesthesia Adjuncts (Exam IV)
Agonism results in activation of ...,
Does ca influx or efflux during a...,
What type of receptors are receptors
81  cards
Local Anesthetics II (Exam IV) Andy's Cards
What is the average pka of local ...,
What is the function of the alkal...,
Regarding weak bases the pka is _...
89  cards

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