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Economy&Society 1929-41. Agricultural and social developments in countryside
Why had stalin committed the ussr...,
Initially stalins regime emphasis...,
What was the ural siberian method...
65  cards
The impact of collectivsation on the kulaks and other peasants and the famine of 1932-1934
The ________ and ______ oppositio...,
What did the widespread and viole...,
Which group of people usually joi...
40  cards
Gosplan and the organisation, aims and results of the three, 5 year plans
What was the gosplan,
What was the gosplan state planni...,
What was the job of the gosplan
71  cards
New Industrial centres and projects an the involvement of foreign companies
Why were new industrial centres a...,
What was the dneiprostroi dam whi...,
How many industrial cities grew f...
37  cards
Stakhanovites & Working & Living condition
Who was the man behind the stakha...,
Who was alezsei stakhanov,
What did stakhanov do
70  cards
Successes and Failures of the Five Year Plan's
For all their weaknesses what did...,
Because targets were over ambitio...,
The soviet economy grew at around...
17  cards
0  cards
Development of the Stalin Cult
What year was stalins 50th birthd...,
What were produced to glorify sta...,
Between what years was the stalin...
45  cards
The Social and Economic condition of the Soviet Union by 1941
By 1941 what had stalins five yea...,
What happened to all russian farm...,
What happened to the free market ...
45  cards
Dictatorship and Stalinism until 1934
In what year was trotsky expelled...,
What year was the industrial part...,
What year was the metro vickers t...
34  cards
Terror 1934+
What year was the seventeenth par...,
At the seventeenth party congress...,
At the seventeenth party congress...
35  cards
When was the trial of 17,
When was the purge of the military,
When does beria replace yezhov as...
92  cards
Culture and Society
How did marx describe religion,
How did lenin destroy much of the...,
Who was the patriarch of the orth...
66  cards
Urban&Rural Differences +similarities and differences between Lenin and Stalin
From 1929 where was there the mos...,
Areas which had been relatively u...,
Post 1929 was a time of dislocati...
36  cards
Socialist men&men+cultural change
Building socialism was partly abo...,
Although well educated and intell...,
What role did new industrial comp...
30  cards
0  cards
USSR and Germany
By what year had cooperation betw...,
What year was the treaty of rapallo,
What treaty consolidated the 1922...
42  cards
Soviet Entry into League of Nations
In what year were diplomatic rela...,
What were riga watchers,
Where was there an american embas...
64  cards
Western Appeasement&Japanese Aggression
By what year were the soviet unio...,
What did stalin know from secret ...,
In what year did japan launch a w...
19  cards
INCLASS-Lead up to WW1
Why had stalin adopted a compromi...,
Why was it no longer possible to ...,
Why was it in the soviets interes...
56  cards
INCLASS-The Great Patriotic War
Why did the nazis capitalise on t...,
It was a war of attrition the sov...,
How many men in the ussr were los...
30  cards
INCLASS-Economic+Social Impacts of War
After 6 months of war from 1941 w...,
In the first 6 months of war from...,
In the first 6 months of war from...
60  cards
What had lenin previously named t...,
Who from 1934 1939 had attempted ...,
When was litinov a defender of we...
49  cards
Operation Barbarossa
From when had allied intelligence...,
When was the siege of leningrad,
When was the battle of moscow
36  cards
Course of the Great Patriotic War
From what months did soviet russi...,
When did soviet russia stabilise ...,
The speed of german advancement w...
26  cards
USSR under occupation
In what 2 ways was the soviet uni...,
Life for civilians on the home fr...,
What was the estimated death toll...
17  cards
The Soviet War Economy
What had destroyed the basis of t...,
How were whole sectors of industr...,
What happened to much of the new ...
18  cards
Defeat of the Germans
Why was victory delayed,
What was the race for berlin,
Which soviet general used tactics...
23  cards
Post war reconstruction
Between 1941 1945 how many people...,
In 1945 by when did stalin promis...,
When was gosplan instructed to pr...
29  cards
0  cards
High Stalinism-1945-1953
What was high stalinism,
When did stalins authority over s...,
Stalins dictatorship seemed uncha...
34  cards
Renewed Terror
What did stalin ruthlessly enforc...,
What were 2 reaons why stalin rut...,
What is an evident sign of stalin...
47  cards
The Leningrad affair, purges and Doctors Plot
Why was stalin careful to prevent...,
There was many reasons why zhando...,
Why did stalin resent leningrad a...
33  cards
0  cards
Soviet's International Position
By 1945 what did the armed forces...,
How had the ussr increased its te...,
Where did the red army remain in ...
56  cards
Stalin's Death
What did the historian robert ser...,
Since what in 1952 was the plan f...,
In what year was the party congre...
11  cards

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