animation - thematic electives

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Lesson 1. 3D animation - (Level 3)
The animation team,
The exposure sheet,
The basic character lines
15  cards
Lesson 2. 3D animation - (Level 4)
The animatic,
The depth,
The angle of the scene
15  cards
Lesson 3. 3D animation - (Level 5)
The challenge,
To develop,
27  cards
Lesson 4. 3D animation - (Level 6)
Tangible concrete,
The 3d illustrator,
The colorful entities
21  cards
Lesson 5. 3D animation - (Level 7)
Three dimensional,
Two dimensional,
Traditionalist animation
21  cards
Lesson 1. Animation - (Level 3)
The camera angle,
The framework,
The main characters
14  cards
Lesson 2. Animation - (Level 4)
The opening sequence,
The frame the still,
The location
15  cards
Lesson 3. Animation - (Level 5)
The brief history of animation,
The visual shapes,
The thaumatropes
27  cards
Lesson 4. Animation - (Level 6)
To perpetrate to inflict,
Surprise amazement,
The animation styles
27  cards
Lesson 5. Animation - (Level 7)
The produtions,
The pre prodution,
The post prodution
28  cards
Lesson 6. Animation - (Level 8)
The distinguished figures of anim...,
Ther myriad,
To move to touch
18  cards
Lesson 7. Animation - (Level 8)
The sociocultural impact of anima...,
The collective imagination
24  cards
Lesson 1. Japanese animation - (Level 3)
The anime format,
The expression,
The language
15  cards
Lesson 2. Japanese animation - (Level 4)
The progressive,
The censorship
15  cards
Lesson 3. Japanese animation - (Level 5)
The manga and the anime,
The manga,
The anime
10  cards
Lesson 4. Japanese animation - (Level 6)
The aspects,
The anime subgenres,
The dramatic genre
10  cards
Lesson 5. Japanese animation - (Level 7)
The fanatics,
The otakus,
13  cards
Lesson 6. Japanese animation - (Level 8)
The studio ghibli,
The founder,
The headquarters
7  cards
Lesson 7. Japanese animation - (Level 9)
The japanese culture,
The everyday nature,
El language
12  cards

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animation - thematic electives

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