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Lec. 14
What are the two main divisions o...,
What two structures compose the cns,
What are the two divisions of the...
96  cards
Lec 15
What part of the brain connects t...,
What are the three pieces of the ...,
What are the three main character...
86  cards
Lec 16
Name the 12 pairs of cranial nerves,
Which two pairs attach to the for...,
What is the order for sensory mot...
80  cards
Lec 17
What are the three levels of proc...,
What are the 4 criteria to create...,
What is the difference between a ...
68  cards
Lec 18
What three accessory structures t...,
What separates the eyelids,
What contains sweat glands and se...
79  cards
Lec 19
What are the three divisions of t...,
What are the three parts of the o...,
What is cerumen what does it do
73  cards
Lec 20
What are the 3 levels of motor co...,
What parts of the brain deal with...,
What parts of the brain deal with...
57  cards
Lec 21
What two organs of the sympatheti...,
What are antagonistic interaction...,
What is an example of cooperative...
52  cards
Lec 22
What differs between an endocrine...,
Compare and contrast the ans and ...,
What are the 4 types of hormone m...
30  cards
Lec 1
What is the smallest level of mat...,
What do atoms make up,
What are the basic components of ...
26  cards
Lec 2
Define a tissue,
Summarize the role of each tissue...,
Name some examples of epithelial ...
29  cards
Unit 6
What neurons stimulate muscle cells,
What nervous system is responsibl...,
What nt is responsible for muscle...
15  cards
Unit 6 2
What is the average charge inside...,
What ion is primarily found insid...,
What leaky channels are more leaky
36  cards
UNit 6 3
What do neurons do,
What word can be used to describe...,
What can be said about the resour...
29  cards
Unit 6 4
What does the phospholipid bilaye...,
What is the hydrophobic layer of ...,
What is the hydrophilic layer mad...
53  cards

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