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P-3 Aircraft
How many wing stations does the p...,
How many total stations does the ...,
How many stations are in the bomb...
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NATOPS Conventional Weapons handling Procedures Manual(Ashore)
Who is in charge of setting emcon...,
What instruction is used for nato...,
Regarding aa e what remains the w...
42  cards
Other Shit
The fin band on the tail end of t...,
How many mk 118 anti tank bombs a...,
What is the nose cone made of on ...
19  cards
Approved Handling Equipment For Weapons And Explosives
The hoist support cable adapter h...,
What is the swl of the gun handli...,
What is the nomenclature of the r...
38  cards
Ammunition And Explosive Handling Qualification And Certification Program
Who shall ensure the command s ac...,
What instruction delineates navy ...,
Who is responsible for the comman...
19  cards
Description Safety , Handling And Compatibility Instruction Aircraft General Purpose Bombs , Fire Bombs , Practice Bomvs And Components
What prevents inadvertent firing ...,
What spotting charge adapter is u...,
What switch provides open circuit...
37  cards
Some Shit
On the lau 7 what prevents moveme...,
What provides an electrical path ...,
What is used to test the nitrogen...
9  cards
Navedtra 14313A, AO, chapter 2,9
A misfire that later fires from d...,
Initiating device that ignites th...,
The result when a rocket does not...
54  cards
Airborne Weapons Assembly Manual Mk 80/BLU Series General Purpose Bombs , Mk 77 Fire Bombs And Practice Bombs Fleet Maintenance Activities
The amount of time or vane revolu...,
A means by which a fuze is physic...,
The time required for a fuze to d...
79  cards
What is the swl of the aero 64 so...,
What is the nomenclature of the r...,
What dimensions does the aero 64a...
59  cards
Navy Transportation Safety Manual For Ammunition , Explosives And Related Hazardous Materials
Locations where ammo is loaded of...,
What form is used for transportat...,
In addition to daily pre operatio...
4  cards
What is the range of the mk 79 mo...,
What is contained in the mk 79 mo...,
What is the primary use for the m...
22  cards
Ammunition And Explosives Safety Ashore
What are the two extremely insens...,
During an explosive the explosive...,
What s an example of a monopropel...
3  cards
Approved Handling Equpimebt For Weapons And Explosives
The mhu 191 m skid is essentially...,
What replaced the aero 21c,
What s the swl of the mhu 191 m skid
5  cards
What guidance control unit is use...,
Gbu guided bomb unit,
What airfoil group is used with t...
4  cards
Swl of the bru 42,
What is the swl of the bru 41,
What controls all the fire and st...
9  cards
Cleaning And Corrosion Control
What is the aircraft firefighting...,
Under emergency conditions who su...,
How do you remove pkp purple k po...
4  cards
Ammunition Administration
What command maintains the caims ...,
Aur s are submitted how often,
Deployed ships submit ammunition ...
31  cards
Ammunition Storage And Handling
Report accidents involving ordnan...,
When operating in a hero environm...,
In accordance with navseainst 802...
11  cards
Aerial Targets
What target is a lightweight high...,
What are the two basic classes of...,
Which target is the rectangular t...
17  cards
Advanced Base Magazines And Operations
At advanced base if a valid reaso...,
What is the purpose of advanced base,
At advance base when magazines ar...
14  cards
Underwater Weapons Torpedoes And Mines
You are about to load a torpedo b...,
After the torpedo is released rel...,
What is the weight of the mk 46 t...
24  cards
Shipboard Magazine
How long may a ship stay in the s...,
Aircraft for aircraft carrier amm...,
Navseasycom should be notified wh...
12  cards
Aboard nimitz class carriers weap...,
When can personnel ride on elevators,
When can an elevator be dispatche...
13  cards
Test Sets
What test set is used to test the...,
What tester is used for the aim 9...,
The fire watch standee must stand...
4  cards
Ammunition Handling Equipment
The ammunition handling equipment...,
The ammunition handling equipment...
2  cards
Bombs , Fuzes And Associated Components
What means is used to initiate an...,
What is the time or number of arm...,
What mechanical time fuze is used...
27  cards
Aircraft Rocket And Rocket Launchers
What initiating device ignites th...,
The history of rockets covers a s...,
What component of a rocket contai...
15  cards
Air Launched Guided Missiles And Guided Missle Launchers
Speeds from mach 08 to mach 12 ar...,
Long range missiles are usually c...,
Speeds above mach 50 are referred...
24  cards
Pyrotechnic pistols includes all ...,
A hand manipulated signaling devi...,
A mk 124 mod 0 marine smoke and i...
19  cards
Air Laid Mines And Torpedoes
A mk 46 mods torpedo can be assem...,
What is the primary weapon used i...,
To ensure a predictable air traje...
16  cards
Aircraft Guns
At what prescribed rate can an m6...,
How is an m61a1 a2 automatic gun ...,
What components are the primary p...
25  cards
Ammunition Loading
Which of the following cartridge ...,
A complete m50 service cartridge ...,
All projectiles have essentially ...
16  cards
Targets And Associated Equopment
The navy currently uses which of ...,
What tow target is used for air t...,
A bqm 74e missile target can be l...
11  cards

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