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Introduction to Material Categories
_____________ share valence elect...,
____________ are a mixture of two...,
Metallic structures are almost ex...
32  cards
Material Structure
Performance of all dental materia...,
The amount of energy necessary to...,
The _________ determines the stat...
34  cards
Material Properties
What are the 4 categories of mate...,
Physical properties refer to 5 ar...,
Mechanical properties refer to
55  cards
Dental Adhesion
What is adhesion what are most in...,
What is an adhesive joint the res...,
Name the follow joint types
31  cards
dental amalgam
Once a cavity has been prepared i...,
Sometimes we have to make comprom...,
By def what is amalgam
37  cards
liners and bases
Why do we use liners and bases,
What do liners and bases protect ...,
Conern for pulpal health increaes...
27  cards
7 composites
In terms of make up which two typ...,
A dental composite has traditiona...
47  cards
10 - Cast Metal Restorations
What is the general process of fa...,
Becase of the complexity of this ...,
Cast metal alloys may be used to ...
53  cards
13,14 - Ceramics (slides 1-46)
What is a ceramic,
What is porcelain,
What are porcelains used for
32  cards
9- Impression Materials
What is the main purpose of impre...,
What is one of the main requireme...,
What are the main criteria of an ...
49  cards
8 - Glass Ionomers
Glass ionomer consist of early gl...,
In glass ionomer what does the ac...,
During the maturation with al ion...
17  cards
13,14- Ceramics 47-92
All ceramic restorations contain ...,
What are the 4 processing techniq...,
What are the two main types of al...
40  cards
Soft machining followed by sinter...,
Soft machining followed by sinter...,
Soft machining followed by sinter...
31  cards
Ch.11 cements
What are dental cements based on ...,
Properties of cements depend on t...,
What material is considered the g...
30  cards
Chapter 12- gypsum
What mineral makes up the majorit...,
What other industries is gypsum u...,
In dentistry what is gypsum used for
65  cards

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