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Pediatric Pathology
What is placentomegaly and what a...,
What is the characteristic placen...,
What organisms cause placental in...
37  cards
GI and Hepatobiliary Pathology
What are the microscopic features...,
What are the microscopic features...,
What are common causes of achalas...
190  cards
What disease causes bullet shaped...,
On a pap test how many cells are ...,
What condition do you see lots of...
85  cards
Head & Neck Pathology
What common solid malignancy in c...,
What head and neck tumor is a pig...,
What disease causes inflammatory ...
51  cards
Endocrine Pathology
What tumor has a peculiar membran...,
What stain is a new nuclear marke...,
What mutation does the tall cell ...
32  cards
Female Reproductive Pathology
What stain is positive in hidrade...,
What is the different between mam...,
What are the different kinds of v...
124  cards
Male Reproductive Pathology/GU Pathology
What stain is positive in urothel...,
What stain is positive in stromal...,
Carbonic anhydrase ix caix is the...
102  cards
What stains can be used to differ...,
What is the salivary gland skin a...,
What mutation is seen in pilomatr...
51  cards
What mutations do papillary crani...,
What stain is a lymphoid marker t...,
What stain can be done in muscle ...
83  cards
Pulmonary Pathology
What is,
What are the differences between ...,
What is the most common aid
26  cards
General Pathology, Autopsy and Forensics
What cancers are positive for ck7...,
What cancers are negative for ck7...,
What cancers are positive for bot...
15  cards
Cardiac Pathology
What is the caveat when dating my...,
If you see a heart slide showing ...,
What type of myocarditis is being...
25  cards
Bone & Soft Tissue Pathology
What sarcoma shows cytoplasmic bu...,
What stain helps differentiate sm...,
What is the difference in how act...
100  cards
Hematopathology & Hematology
Which aml does flt3 itd play an i...,
What is true regarding genetic ab...,
What are the three patterns of hi...
218  cards
Molecular and Cytogenetics
What protein complexes are associ...,
What molecular alterations occur ...,
What percentage of downs is due t...
75  cards
What does vwf bind to on the plat...,
High yield platelets have alpha g...,
After vwf attaches to endothelium...
113  cards
What immune disease is charactert...,
How do you differentiate brutons ...,
What immune disease may be a b or...
66  cards
Blood Bank
How do the following potentiating...,
What are the most common antibodi...,
What blood groups are enhanced by...
151  cards
What lab value may be increased p...,
Which liver disease 1 is associat...,
What are reasons for increased or...
171  cards
Management and Informatics
What are the six components of co...,
According to cms how many labs ca...,
According to clia what are the re...
48  cards
What is the most common cause of ...,
What are the dematiaceous molds,
What is being shown here that
364  cards
Bb guy s easy way to calculate rh...,
Calculating cryo needed for hypof...,
Calculating amount of fviii and i...
24  cards
What is the triad seen in toxopla...,
What testicular tumor has the bes...,
Which type of assay involves prob...
200  cards

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